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A Guide to Write For Us Technology

Find out more about how to deliver your Write for Us Technology content in a style that will guarantee more visitors.

Are you a techno freak researching for an opportunity to expose all your knowledge to people worldwide? Then, have you heard of the guest blogging opportunity offered by the Careartaids website, which has made writers very famous?

The popular guest blogging opportunity has arrived again, where the writers have to expose their writing skills just by sitting in their comfortable place. And this article shares complete data about this chance. Thus, we request that everyone pay more attention to all the upcoming Write for Us Technology sections.

Introduction to the website

Our website is highly regarded as one of the best content-creating platforms by lots of readers from all over the world. To us, caring for and aiding our readers is the priority, and that’s why we came up with the name “Careartaids” for our site. Hence, we started to publish articles highly qualifiedly by discovering many tactics to satisfy the readers’ needs.

Our interesting articles fall under the category of,

  • Reviewing the latest websites and products that are arriving in this digital world.
  • Entertainment
  • Motorcycles
  • Legal aids
  • NGO
  • Law
  • Real estate
  • Health
  • Education

Write for Us + Technology writers’ educational qualifications and experience

Technology is the living instrument in this digital world today. Without technology, we couldn’t wash our clothes daily; thus, it has become a part of our lives, and we keep upgrading it daily. Many new inventions are emerging, and many technologies become outdated. The cycle goes on and on. In this cycle, the readers must know the happenings to keep them updated. So, our team has devised an exciting plan to make everyone techno-vigilant. And this guest blogging opportunity is the best way to do it.

But writing a technical Technology Write for Us article needs lots of acquired knowledge and skills, and here in this section, we have listed the essential requirements.

Education: Writers who finished computer science, mechanical engineering, biotechnology, food technology, nanotechnology, information technology, computer animation, cyber security technology, software technology, artificial intelligence, communication technology, etc. Many technology-related certificate courses are available nowadays; hence, people who have finished the advanced certificate courses can attempt this guest blogging opportunity.

Profession: “Write for Us” + Technology writing professionals like administrators of networks, UX/UA technologists, food technologists, biotechnologists, system support specialists, IT technologists, data scientists, AI technologists, machine operating technicians, etc. can share their working experience with our readers. The professionals not listed above can also share their contributions if they genuinely believe they can produce an impactful article.

Skillsets and experience: We don’t want to give priority to experienced writers only. To us, only the quality of the work is more important than work experience; hence, freshmen can use this valuable opportunity.

Technology + “Write for Us” reference topics

Technology ranges from computer to machine technology; hence, it incorporates many sub-technologies. Therefore, arriving at one technology is tiresome work for everyone. That’s why our team has selected some curated topics for technology.

Here is a list of technological topics.

  • Writers can share data about the latest technologies, like generative AI technology, computing power, opt-route mobile technology, and threads from Instagram.
  • Medical professionals can pick up topics like medical technology and the advent of robotics in the medical field.
  • Technology “Write for Us” Writers can discuss cyber security technology, surveillance technology, etc.
  • Technology is not always about machines and the digital world; sometimes, it can help improve the environment of society as well. In that case, writers can discuss environmental technology as well.
  • The Internet of Things is ruling today’s technological world. So, we request everyone to select the subtopics of IoT and explain them with real-time examples so that the readers can fully understand IoT in detail.

Write for Us Technology Articles Guidelines

  • Technological articles should be longer; that’s why the length should be between 1500 and 2500. One can deeply explain and cover the selected topics by attaining this article’s length.
  • We advise everyone to create the article using technical and non-technical terms. As it is a technological article, we urge everyone to introduce many technical times and kindly explain them along with their meaning. For example, if the writer chooses “IoT, they should introduce technical topics like actuators, AMQP, application agents, etc.
  • Write for Us + Technology Writers must be aware of the grammar correctness of the article, and they should double-check it using the Grammarly application. Usually, the Grammarly application gives the score for each article. In that case, writers must get a score of 99 or above.
  • The article must be written using 100% human content without any traces of copied content from other people’s work.
  • As it is a technological article, writers can make use of flowcharts and diagrams to explain the overall process. Hence, the readers can easily understand the respective topics.

Technology Write for Us SEO guidelines

  • Collecting keywords is the first and foremost step in SEO optimisation tactics. For example, if the writers write about IOT, the SEO keywords revolve around IOT purposes, such as 4 types, etc. These are known as the primary keywords. And the writers must utilise them in their articles.
  • The spam score of the technology-based article should be in the range of 3 to 5%.
  • Writers must attach the necessary external and internal web links to their articles.


  • The “Write for Us” + Technology writers can get to explore the real writing world.
  • With us, their article will receive more traffic and more appreciation from our readers.
  • We possess a beneficial writing and editing team. Hence, the writer’s doubts will be cleared as soon as possible.

Submission rules

The articles completed by the writers should be sent to us via the mentioned email address [email protected].

Kindly attach the subject line along with the mail id as “technological Guest blogging opportunity”.


We are a team of people who want to be the ladder for all Write for Us Technology writing professionals to reach more excellent positions in their writing careers. Believe in us, and kindly drop us the work at this email address: [email protected] to witness the most fantastic Technology writing platform.

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