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Please find all the important instructions and details regarding the amazing Write for Us + General Guest Post opportunity and its benefits.

Are you a guest blogger looking for opportunities to blog on other websites? Well, you have found the right website! 

With this post, we invite you to write an engaging post and help our readers gain knowledge. We believe blogging is a great way to share your ideas and help others learn more. 

Our platform is dedicated to the same cause, and we, therefore, ask you to help us by contributing a Write for Us + General Guest Post to our platform.

Read to know more! 

About our platform:

Artaids.com is an online platform dedicated to news, reviews, and other informative articles. While we have covered a few topics until now, we are constantly updating the content. Subjects covered on our website include gaming, shopping, travel, technology tips, money, and more.

And the “Write for Us”+General post is an opportunity to widen the content on our platform. 

The team behind artaids.com is professional and experienced. They work hard to provide the best content to the readers. Our writers include only trustable information after thorough research on the topic. 

Thus, artaids.com is a well-established and trustable platform for review articles and more. 

General “Write for Us” invitation:

Today, we present a fantastic opportunity for you to write a guest blog on our prestigious platform. You will contribute content, and we will publish your work on our platform, where it reaches a global audience

This is a general guest post invitation; thus, it implies that you can work as per your interest. The writers must ensure to follow all the mentioned guidelines and submit a perfect blog to us

Who can blog General + “Write for Us”?

We know that you must be wondering about our criteria for guest blogging. However, let us inform you that there are requirements for you to guest blog on our website as long as you follow all our instructions. 

Whether you are an organization or a keen blogger looking for interesting opportunities, you can work on this guest post. 

Topics for General Write for Us:

There is no particular topic for this guest blog, and you can choose any interesting and engaging topic for the post. 

Although, we suggest you pick any trending news or informative article that will interest our readers. You can pick any category, like fashion, business, entrepreneurship, or more. 

Instructions for “Write for Us” + General:

Giving crisp content with the best quality, we intend to be one of the best platforms on the Internet. Our team works hard and delivers the right content to the readers. 

To ensure that your article is published on our website, you must follow all our instructions: 

  • While collecting any information for the “Write for Us” + “General” post, refer to genuine sources only.
  • Target a word limit of around 800-1000 words.
  • Ensure 0% plagiarism in your article. 
  • Make the content easy to understand by using sub-headings, paragraphs, and more.
  • Ensure that the article holds high-end value to the readers. It should be latest, informative, and engaging.
  • Written content should be in active voice.
  • Any reference links attached to the write-up should be authentic.

Crucial SEO-guidelines:

  • You must add a brief description.
  • While writing the Write for Us+General post, use SEO-friendly keywords and highlight them in bold and blue.
  • Also, add relevant internal and external links after 70% content in the article. Highlight the same in green and bold.
  • After writing your article, you must check and ensure the following scores:
  • Readability score: 60+
  • Spam score: less than 3%
  • Grammar score: 98+
  • Benefits of Write for Us General post:

Guest blogging offers you the following crucial benefits:

  • You can practice your blogging skills and improve them simultaneously.
  • You can explore opportunities and work on multiple platforms. 
  • You do not have to wait to gain an audience on your platform and start blogging. 
  • Get a professional boost by creating more contacts.
  • You will get an open platform to share your content with a mass audience.

Why artaids.com for Write for Us + General?

  • You can get backlinks for your post and use them for future purposes. 
  • We are a well-trusted platform with an established background. We update content daily to interest our readers.
  • We bring many such incredible opportunities to take advantage of. 
  • Artaids.com has a global audience which will give you the right professional exposure. 

Post-submission instructions:

You can submit your General + Write for Us post to this [email protected]. However, please ensure that you have proofread it and avoid silly errors.

Our team will review the submitted work and then take further action. 

Summing up:

There are many other websites and opportunities, and we hope this post has helped you understand why you should choose us for Write for Us + General Guest Post

You can ask your queries in the comments below and refer to this article for tips on writing a good guest blog 

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