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A Guide to Write For Us Crypto

Gather more information on the Write for Us Crypto guest blogging opportunity in addition to the submission rules.

Are you a professional with more experience with cryptocurrency and its blockchain technology? Can you predict the performance of cryptocurrency in the market? Then, you can be the perfect writer to take over this guest blogging opportunity. To craft the articles, writers must adhere to the below-mentioned guidelines religiously. And we have attached the submission rules, so Write for Us Crypto writers can get a complete understanding of this guest blogging opportunity.

Introduction to our website, “Careartaids”

We are the most authentic content creation platform that offers high-quality and reliable articles to many readers. Our reader base ranges from doctors, technicians, engineers, school students, new mothers, etc. Since we have a diverse reader base, we have curated all our topics based on their needs and interests.

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Write for Us + Crypto writers’ essential qualification

Crypto is the short form for cryptocurrency, and it has been ruling the financial world nowadays because of its trending returns and fluctuations. Many people have gained millions of dollars from crypto, and some have lost everything by investing in cryptocurrency. Hence, knowing and studying about crypto is essential for every reader. That’s why we have come up with this guest blogging opportunity.

To write about this guest blogging opportunity, the Crypto Write for Us writers must have a vast understanding of cryptocurrency.

Educational background: Writers who took professional courses on cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, bitcoins, software technology, etc., can develop their views about crypto technology. In addition, professionals who finish certifications in bitcoin trading, cryptocurrency, and Ethereum can also share their knowledge with our readers.

Professionals: When it comes to cryptocurrency, there are so many “Write for Us” + Crypto professions that pop up, like crypto traders, financial advisors, blockchain technologists, crypto instructors, crypto writers, node engineers, and crypto developers. In addition, nowadays, youngsters are more interested in knowing about the basics of crypto, investment plans, crypto careers, etc. In this scenario, crypto teaching professionals can also come forward to share information related to crypto careers.

Skillsets: We expect the writers to be able to carry out this guest blogging opportunity more professionally. Thus, Crypto + “Write for Us” writers with prior experience writing crypto articles will be preferred. If not, freshmen with exceptional writing skills can also attempt this guest blogging opportunity.

Reference topics

While selecting the cryptocurrency topics, the writers must be conscientious about them because crypto is as vast as an extensive digital ocean, thus requiring lots of research. However, our team would like to suggest some topics for the writers so that they can quickly start with their online Crypto “Write for Us” writings.

Let us see the reference topics one by one.

  • What is meant by crypto capitalization, and how do price changes happen in those crypto markets?
  • What is the dominance level of other cryptocurrencies against standard currencies?
  • What are the ways to invest the money in crypto?
  • What does NFT mean, and how is it related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies?
  • Write a note on the evolution of crypto coins, tokens, and bitcoins.
  • Write about the benefits of using crypto in your day-to-day life.

Write for Us Crypto general guidelines

  • The needed length of the article is 1500 to 2500.
  • The readability score of the article should be compulsorily above the score of 70. To achieve the score, the writers must pay more attention to headings, crafting small paragraphs instead of bulkier ones, utilizing bullets and numbering, etc.
  • Writers are highly encouraged not to use any AI tool in their articles. Only grammar correction tools are allowed for creating grammatical-error-free Write for Us + Crypto articles.
  • We are a team of people who want to give importance and recognition to original content writers.
  • Cryptocurrency and its related topics must have related illustrations to explain the process and workings so readers can fully understand them.
  • While writing the article, the writers must incorporate all the technical terms associated with crypto. For example, writers can include public key, crypto wallet, mining, hash, fork, smart contract, ledger, etc.
  • Crypto Write for Us topics are trending and updated, so the writers have to refer only to the latest news and market performance.
  • Please don’t copy anyone’s work; such unethical activity will attract severe rejection from our side. Trust your writing skills and give us your articles. We need only loyal and genuine people.
  • Don’t stuff the article with too many fancy jargon words; it will reduce the readability score and the article’s presentation.

SEO guidelines

  • The search engine optimization technique should be adhered to by the writers, irrespective of their chosen topic.
  • Crypto “Write for Us” Writers must search for prevalent SEO keywords with cryptocurrency.
  • The writers should avoid overstuffing the keywords because it will be termed fooling the search engine, and it will backfire.
  • The article’s keyword density should be maintained in the range of 90 to 100 words gap.


  • This guest post blogging opportunity helps the writers gain more practical experience in the content creation industry.
  • Writers may get many new opportunities as well.
  • Credits will be given appropriately to all the “Write for Us “+Crypto writers; hence, their work will be recognized by many people.

How to submit the article?

  • The guest post contributors must submit their articles to this email address: [email protected].
  • Our editorial team is the one that receives all the applications, and if there is any doubt about this guest blogging opportunity, they can contact them.


Hence, this article provided all the details about the Write for Us Crypto guest blogging opportunity. We hope this guest blogging opportunity will impact the career of writers. Hence, gear up yourself and send your articles to this email address [email protected]. to participate in Crypto guest post writings.

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