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Seeking software aficionados with a flair for words! Elevate your expertise and inspire readers on Artaids.com with your Write For Us Software articles!

Are you a software enthusiast and eager to share your valuable insights? Join Artaids.com as a guest blogger and contribute your software-related posts! Our platform values your unique expertise and encourages writers to share their personal experiences in the software realm.

As a programmer, you can share your knowledge via Write For Us Software articles.

About Artaids.com:

Artaids.com aspires to be a notable source of Software information. So, come aboard, and let’s create an authentic and informative space for software enthusiasts to delve into! Artaids.com is a commercial knowledge-based website publishing trending topics related but not limited to:

  1. Banking,
  2. Bitcoin,
  3. Blockchain,
  4. Business ideas,
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  6. CBD,
  7. Construction,
  8. Cryptocurrency,
  9. Culture and Society,
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  11. Current Affairs,
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  13. Education,
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  15. Environment,
  16. Fashion,
  17. Finance,
  18. Fitness,
  19. Gaming,
  20. Geopolitical analysis,
  21. Health,
  22. History,
  23. Home Improvement,
  24. Industry,
  25. Information technology,
  26. International Relations,
  27. Investment,
  28. Law (or) legal,
  29. Leisure,
  30. Lifestyle,
  31. Manufacturing,
  32. Medicine,
  33. Military and Defense,
  34. Software Write for Us,
  35. Mindfulness and Software
  36. Money,
  37. Motivation,
  38. Motorcycles,
  39. New Startup,
  40. NGO,
  41. Product reviews,
  42. Psychology,
  43. Real Estate,
  44. Science,
  45. Shopping Tips,
  46. Technology,
  47. Travel,
  48. Trending News,
  49. Website reviews, Etc.

Skills required for writers: 

  • Thorough research capability in Software-related subjects,
  • Comprehensive knowledge of various Software-related topics,
  • Deep understanding of audience interests and preferences,
  • Outstanding written communication skills.

Qualifications for writers: 

  • No mandatory formal certification in software development/programming/coding, 
  • But, bloggers must demonstrate knowledge and skills through well-written documents, 
  • Preference is given to writers with prior professional experience in the Software field, 
  • Proficiency in crafting articles, blogs, (or) articles is required.

SEO guidelines for Software Write for Us posts: 

  • Write-ups should be original, have a high readability score, have no grammatical errors, 
  • Avoid passive voice, avoid redundancy and repetitions, refrain from including offensive information (or) promotional links, and plagiarism,
  • Appropriate and consistent use of keywords for search engine optimization.

Content writing guidelines: 

  • Provide accurate information, numeric figures, and facts, 
  • Emphasis on the subject of Software and stay on topic, 
  • Inclusion of two backlinks, images without copyright restrictions, and Do-followup links, introduction, pros and cons, FAQs, headings, bullet points, subheads, and reference links is mandatory, 
  • Unbiased conclusion summarizing key points, 
  • Word count between 800 and 1,500 words is recommended in Software “Write for Us” posts, 
  • Use an approachable tone to engage readers from various backgrounds and software levels.

General guidelines: 

  • Explain software features and functionalities,
  • Discuss software’s compatibility with various operating systems,
  • Explain the installation process and system requirements,
  • Provide step-by-step instructions on effective software usage,
  • Highlight tips to maximize efficiency and productivity,
  • Address common issues and offer troubleshooting solutions,
  • Discuss available support channels,
  • Explain data management capabilities and security measures,
  • Discuss software’s integrations and API options,
  • Highlight recent updates (or) version releases,
  • Provide real-life examples of software applications,
  • Share insights on best Software practices and programming industry standards,
  • Software “Write for Us” posts may discuss limitations (or) known issues,
  • Offer alternative recommendations for specific requirements,
  • Discuss the software’s scalability and ability to handle increased usage (or) data,
  • Clarify licensing (or) pricing models,
  • Address software performance metrics,
  • Summarize the benefits of using the software compared to alternatives,
  • Include expert’s opinions and personal experiences, 
  • Proofread your write-ups for typos and misleading sentences, 
  • Provide links to relevant resources, and
  • End your write-ups with a call to action for comments, feedback, and sharing your articles.


Cybersecurity/Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/DevOps/Data Science/Cloud Computing/Mobile App Development/Web Development/User Experience/Internet of Things/Agile Methodology/Software Testing/Front-end Development/Back-end Development/Blockchain Technology/Write for Us + Software on Cryptocurrencies/Big Data Analytics/Software Engineering/Software Architecture/Chatbots/Natural Language Processing/Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Automation/Game Development/Data Warehousing/ERP softwares/Project Management/Version Control (Git/SVN)/Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment/Object-Oriented Programming/Functional Programming/Reactive Programming/Java/Python/JavaScript/C#/Ruby/Kotlin/Swift/PHP/Go Programming Language/Rust Programming Language/SQL/NoSQL/ElasticSearch/Apache Kafka/Docker/Kubernetes/Microservices/Serverless Computing/Web Services/RESTful APIs/GraphQL/React/Angular/Vue.js/Databases/Data Visualization/Mobile App Design/BaaS/FaaS/Low-Code Development/Augmented DevOps/Internet Security/Ethical Hacking/Data Privacy/Software Licensing/SQA/Scalability/Code Refactoring/Code Optimization/UX/UI Design/Scrum Methodology/Kanban Methodology/Software Documentation/AI-powered Software/Machine Learning Algorithms/Chatbot Development/Blockchain Application Development/Data Mining/Predictive Analytics/Apache Spark/Test Automation/API Design Principles/Continuous Software Delivery/SDLC/Data Management/Web Security/Performance Optimization/Software Deployment/Agile Project Management/SQL Injection/Cross-platform Development/Multimedia Software Development/Graph Databases/Software Prototyping/Functional Testing/UAT/Software Requirements Analysis, Etc.

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  • Showcase expertise on Artaids.com to amplify software knowledge,
  • Position yourself as an industry authority with impactful guest posts,
  • Forge connections with like-minded professionals for potential collaborations with your Software + “Write for Us” posts,
  • Enhance online presence and search rankings with reputable backlinks from Artaids.com,
  • Gain credibility by sharing valuable software insights on trusted hubs,
  • Open doors to speaking engagements, consulting, and career advances,
  • Garner respect from peers in the software development community,
  • Stay updated in the industry while contributing to the knowledge base,
  • Engage with a wider audience passionate about software development,
  • Build a portfolio showcasing software prowess, Etc.

Submitting guest posts:


  • Web Design with HTML,CSS,JavaScript,and jQuery Set(Jon Duckett)
  • Learning Web Design(Jennifer Robbins)
  • CSS: The Missing Manual(David Sawyer McFarland)
  • JavaScript: The Good Parts(Douglas Crockford)
  • Eloquent JavaScript(Marijn Haverbeke)
  • Clean Code(Robert C. Martin)
  • Code Complete(Steve McConnell)

Final thoughts:

Choose any Software topics, including the ones mentioned earlier. Email Artaids’s editorial team for clarifications (or) queries. Artaids’s editorial team may modify (or) remove parts of your write-ups to match our standards. Once your “Write for Us” + Software posts are approved, don’t submit them elsewhere. Artaids’s team will contact you before publication (or) within 24-hours. 

Are guidelines for crafting Software guest posts informative? Comment on directives for writing Software + “Write for Us” guest posts.

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