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Fuel Artaids’s readers curiosity! Share your nutrition expertise on Artaids.com. Follow guidelines for Write For Us Nutrition posts. Let’s inspire with you!

Artaids’s audiences are hungry for practical insights on optimizing their diets, and your unique perspective can be the missing ingredient. Seize this opportunity to showcase your passion for Nutrition and make a lasting impact on Artaids’s engaged audience. 

If you are a nutritionist, you can share your knowledge via Write For Us Nutrition write-ups.

About Artaids.com:

Contribute write-ups that unravel the complexities of Nutrition, offering actionable tips and evidence-backed advice. Join Artaids’s community of bloggers committed to empowering individuals on their wellness journey. 

Artaids.com invites bloggers to contribute their Nutrition-related write-ups. Artaids is a news and knowledge-based platform publishing daily content related but not limited to:

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  • Research Nutrition topics thoroughly.
  • Have broad Nutrition knowledge.
  • Understand audience interests deeply.
  • Possess excellent written communication skills.


  • No mandatory formal certification in Nutrition, dietetics, or food science is required, but contributors must exhibit knowledge and skills through writing.
  • Prior Nutrition field experience preferred.
  • Proficient in crafting web content, blogs, and write-ups.

Nutrition Write for Us SEO Guidelines:

  • Original and non-plagiarized Nutrition content is required.
  • Ensure high readability.
  • Grammar-error-free write-ups.
  • Avoid passive voice; use an active voice in 80% of the content.
  • Eliminate redundancy and repetitions.
  • Exclude offensive content and links.
  • Consistent use of keywords at the correct density for SEO.

Content Writing Guidelines:

  • Provide accurate facts and numbers related to Nutrition topics.
  • Focus on Nutrition subject only. Stay on topic, no deviation.
  • Include two backlinks, images, and Do-followup links.
  • Content should be structured with an introduction, pros/cons, FAQs, and reference links organized with headings, sub-headings, and bullet points.

Write for Us + Nutrition General guidelines/factors to be discussed:

  • Focusing on whole foods.
  • Emphasizing balanced meals.
  • Prioritizing nutrient-dense choices.
  • Controlling portion sizes.
  • Staying hydrated for optimal health.
  • Monitoring added sugar intake.
  • Including diverse food groups.
  • Mindful eating aiding digestion.
  • Choosing healthy cooking methods.
  • Being cautious with salt intake.
  • Opting for lean protein sources.
  • Incorporating fiber-rich foods.
  • Customizing Nutrition to individual needs.
  • Considering meal timing.
  • Limiting processed food consumption.
  • Being aware of food allergies.
  • Including omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Understanding nutritional labels.
  • Promote sustainable eating habits.
  • Consulting a registered dietitian when needed. 
  • Integrate expert opinions and personal experiences.
  • Write for Us + Nutrition posts must embed links to relevant resources—books, magazines, tutorials, blogs, forums, Etc.
  • Carefully proofread to eliminate typos and misleading sentences.
  • Conclude with a call to action: invite comments, feedback, and sharing of write-ups.


  • Weight Management,
  • Vitamin D Benefits,
  • Vegan Nutrition,
  • Thyroid-Boosting Foods,
  • Thyroid Health,
  • Superfoods,
  • Sugar Awareness,
  • Sports Nutrition,
  • Protein Sources,
  • Probiotics,
  • Pregnancy Nutrition,
  • Prebiotics,
  • Portion Sizes,
  • Portion Control,
  • Plant-Based Proteins,
  • Plant-Based Diets,
  • Organic vs. Conventional,
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids,
  • Nutritional Sustainability/Supplements/Research Trends/Psychiatry/Myths/Healing/Genomics/Challenges,
  • Nutrient-Rich Juicing/Timing/Absorption,
  • Mindful Meal Planning/Eating/Desserts/Cooking,
  • Food for Muscle Recovery/Joint Health/Eye Health/Better Sleep,
  • Food and Skin Health/Productivity/Productivity/Mood/Hormones/Hair Health/Exercise/“Write for Us” + Nutrition on Environmental Impact/Energy Levels/Dental Health/Cholesterol/Allergies,
  • Food Sensitivities/Label Reading/Cravings/Allergy Awareness/Additives Awareness,
  • Nutrition for Endurance,
  • Nut Allergies,
  • Mind-Body Connection,
  • Metabolism Boosters,
  • Mediterranean Diet,
  • Low-Glycemic Diets,
  • Low-Carb Diets,
  • Ketogenic Diets,
  • Iron-Rich Foods,
  • Intermittent Fasting,
  • Inflammation Reduction,
  • Immune-Boosting Herbs/Diets,
  • IBS-Friendly Diets,
  • Hydration Tips,
  • Hydration,
  • Hormonal Balance,
  • High-Fiber Foods,
  • Heart-Healthy Foods,
  • Healthy Snacking,
  • Gut Health,
  • Gluten-Free Nutrition,
  • Fiber-Rich Diets,
  • Energy-Boosting Snacks,
  • Emotional eating,
  • Detox Diets,
  • DASH Diet,
  • Dairy and Bone Health,
  • Dairy Alternatives,
  • Cooking Oils Guide,
  • Collagen Benefits,
  • Children’s Nutrition,
  • Caffeine Effects,
  • Brain-Boosting Foods,
  • Bone Health/Strengthening Foods/Broth Benefits,
  • Blood Sugar Control,
  • Blood Pressure Management,
  • Nutrition + “Write for Us” on Balanced Diets,
  • Anti-Inflammatory Foods,
  • Anti-Aging Foods,
  • Alkaline Diets,
  • Alcoholic Beverages,
  • Aging and Nutrition, Etc.


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  • Share nutrition expertise widely, establishing authority.
  • Connect with professionals, influencers, fostering relationships.
  • Disseminate accurate nutritional information, aiding public health awareness.
  • Boost visibility and credibility in the nutrition community and beyond.
  • Educate and empower readers for healthier choices.
  • Position as a thought leader, influencing nutrition discussions.
  • Encourage meaningful discussions, enriching content and community.
  • Showcase writing skills, build an impressive online portfolio.
  • Nutrition + “Write for Us” posts open doors to collaboration with professionals and organizations.
  • Establish a lasting impact, contribute to continuous learning.

Submitting write-ups:

  • Submit your write-ups to [email protected] for review or direct publication.
  • For clarifications, email Artaids’s editorial team.

Social Media links:


  • The China Study(T. Colin Campbell)
  • Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies(Ellie Whitney & Frances Sizer)


Final thoughts:

Please note that Artaids retains the right to modify or remove parts of your Write For Us Nutrition posts. Once approved, avoid submitting it elsewhere. Artaids’s team contacts you before publication or within 24 hours post-submission. Contributors can choose any Nutrition topic, including the ones specified earlier. 

Were directives for preparing a Nutrition write-up informative? Please share feedback on these guidelines for Nutrition write-up. 

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