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This post covers complete Write for Us Football information and includes other necessary prerequisites for article building.

Sports writing is a unique genre that calls for a lot of enthusiasm and the knack to keep the readers engaged to the screen. The multiplicity of topics in this particular category opens up the opportunity to write exciting and high-quality content. If you are a sports enthusiast and like to craft write-ups related to sports, here is an opportunity you must look for. We welcome freshers and professional writers for our Write for Us Football guest blogging chance.

More details are enlisted in the coming sections. Read the article to learn more about the prerequisites, guidelines, and topic suggestions.

About the Website

Ours is an informative website designed for audiences interested in learning more about various topics. We have a team of excellent writers who are subject matter experts backed by years of experience in the field. Herein, we continuously strive to produce content that adds to the value of the audience. And that is what we expect our writers to hold, which is to have the curiosity and ability to build different content.

Apart from Write for Us + Football, our website also includes other categories that have gained much traction. Some of the top genres include:

News Content: These are among the top categories that are crafted with the sole purpose of building awareness among the audience. In addition, the articles aim to provide local and global news to the readers.

Reviews related to websites and products: Another category that is most popular amongst the audience is the review section. With multiple websites built daily, we must make the readers aware of which websites are original and which are a scam.

In addition, other categories, such as health, crypto, science, real estate, and more, have gained much traction from the audience.

Football Write for Us – Rules and Eligibility

Football is a vast topic. However, it falls under the sports niche. Hence, the writers should be able to write in detail about the sub-needle. Herein, we have listed a few prerequisites that we wish from our participating writers.

Check out the criteria which you must know when building a guest blog:

Blogging requirements: Our writers are subject matter experts. It is advantageous if you have a background in Football or are a sportsperson. But even if you are a fresher who likes football, this opportunity is for you.

Professional criteria: If you are a coach, football player, or mere enthusiast, try out the opportunity to begin your career in guest blogging.

Content quality: It is necessary to ensure all the content is per the structure laid across.

“Write for Us” + Football – Few Topic Suggestions

So, for all those who want to participate in the opportunity and build content surrounding football, here are a few topic suggestions:

  • How do you build your dedication and passion in Football?
  • The entrepreneur and business side of football
  • Tricks of soaring to success in the field of Football
  • Getting a look into the lives of Footballers
  • Life of Footballers beyond the game
  • What are the skill sets required to become a football coach?
  • Combining Football and Fashion
  • How do sports impact society and identities?
  • Ways the Football field has evolved the rules, styles, and trends
  • Looking into the science of Football Fitness
  • How to make Football an inclusive initiative and diversity of the sport
  • Impact of Football and Technology

Football + “Write for Us” – Regulations

We seek the best talents to start guest blogging to produce the highest quality articles. Here, we have set the content standards to meet the website’s needs before publication. These are:

  • All the content must be within the word limit. An approximate word limit of 750 to 1000 words is recommended.
  • We recommend that writers not to include redundant content to increase the word count.
  • All the content must be informative in tone. Strictly avoid using a promotional tone that tries to advertise any product or anything related to the industry.
  • Add links and sources that are related to facts, such as stats
  • Every Football “Write for Us” article must be produced by writers and not generated through any AI tool. If AI detects the content, it will be rejected immediately.
  • Make sure the content is plagiarism-free and grammatically correct.

Import SEO Guidelines

In addition, the SEO guidelines to rank them in the SERPs. Some parameters are, which we expect all the writers to read and understand thoroughly are as listed below. Do read them before crafting the content:

  • Keywords are essential; avoid stuffing them, and ensure they match the topic.
  • Maintain a keyword density in proportion to the word count
  • Add meta titles of 55 characters and meta descriptions of 160 characters
  • Check the content using SEO tools to ensure it is quality-driven.

Guidelines for Sharing Write for Us + Football Sample Articles

All the participants are requested to share samples that align with the above guidelines. Do share all articles in MS Word and Google Doc format via email at [email protected]. It is recommended not to share PDF formats. 

Final Conclusion

Through this content, we have listed all the data surrounding Write for Us Football guest blogging. Herein, we request that the writers read all the regulations and policies detailed in the above sections. The articles must be crafted to maintain the SEO criteria. In addition, we have added the norms that a guest blogger must follow when developing content.If you have doubts or queries about the article, email us. We ensure the team reaches out to you for a quick response. To know more on Football, click this link.

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