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A Guide to Write for Us Law

The article provides guidance on how to write a Write for Us Law that is optimised for search engines.

Do you believe that laws are the protective shield for vulnerable people? Can you serve good justice via your online writings? Then, our Careartaids website is guaranteed to provide a platform for the writers to exhibit their writing skills.

However, publishing or sharing online articles is not easy; it requires a protocol and guidelines to be used. Hence, in this article, we will discuss how to write the Write for Us Law articles in an SEO-friendly manner.

Introduction to the website

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They could be achieving these excellent scores because of their ways of publishing different topics, like

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Write for Us + Law writers’ requirements

Without laws, the world will become a hateful place to live for everyone because they act as a shield from all types of bad people. Hence, knowing about the laws is essential for anyone in this world. Some people become prey to criminals because they don’t know their laws. So here in this guest blogging opportunity, we are going to share the basic rules and their implications, and that’s why we are seeking the help of the writers to carry on this Law Write for Us guest blogging opportunity.

Education: Professionals who finished degrees and courses like BA LLB, BBA LLB, LLM, law diploma, criminology courses, co-operative laws, human rights, corporate laws, women studies, international laws, etc. If any writers do any law-related studies, they can also share their lawful experience with us in their guest blogging opportunity.

Professionals: Law professionals like paralegals, advocate, attorney, lawyer, solicitor, barrister, legal secretary, legal consultant, legal analyst, civil litigation lawyer, corporate counsel, legal adviser, legal writer, legal advisor, civil lawyer, labour relations, etc. can “Write for Us” + Law participate, or else the law students who are studying the law can also make their attempt.

Experience: Writers with higher professional and writing experience can attempt this guest blogging opportunity. Because they know the nuances of their field and ways to express the necessary information to their readers.

Skill set requirement: Writers should be able to combine technical and non-technical wordings perfectly. Because many legal terms will be more confusing for a layperson to understand, writers should be able to explain things thoroughly.

Law + “Write for Us” Suggested Topics

We suggest that the writers take notice of the topics below to get an idea of how to choose the topic for this guest blogging opportunity.

  • Please write a brief note on the worldwide legal system and state its origin, history of happenings, process, etc.
  • Writers can also discuss the intersection of law and genetics and how it relates to real life.
  • What technological developments have been seen in the law in recent days?
  • Law “Write for Us” Writers can list the legal laws of different countries and share the similarities and differences in the legal regulations.
  • We specifically suggest the writers take this topic, that is, how laws protect women online. What are the legal punishments for the person who is misusing the images of the girls and creating mature content, and many people are abusing women via social media platforms in such a scenario? How can laws be helpful to the woman?

Write for Us Law Guidelines and Protocols

  • The required word limit of the law-based article is 1500 to 2500.
  • Writers can also share about the laws and their significance in technical terms because, in that way, readers can learn about the technicalities of the rules.
  • Writers shouldn’t pick any controversial laws; some countries may be against particular religions, genders, etc. Such types of conventions are not allowed to be discussed on our platform because we are the team that wants to promote harmony among our Write for Us + Law readers.
  • The information the writers share should be 100% perfect and accurate because laws are full of facts, and that information needs to be shared as such. Writers can share their interpretations, but kindly don’t make any mistakes in delivering content about laws.
  • The article shouldn’t have any type of spelling or vocabulary error.
  • We request that every writer double-check the plagiarism level of their article with the help of any online plagiarism-checking tools; the uniqueness of the content should be 100%.

Law Write for Us SEO Guidelines

  • Writers must ensure that they add the necessary SEO keywords to their articles. For example, if the writers discuss “women’s laws,” they have to search for related keywords like special laws, women’s laws, etc. These are trending keywords, so try to add them to your article.
  • The article should contain inbound and outbound links related to the chosen topics.


  • The writers’ names will be published under the article, so it helps the Law + “Write for Us readers know about the writers. As our reader base also consists of many journalists, they can even extend a writing opportunity for the guest post writers.
  • The works of the writers can be highly recognised.

How to submit the articles?

The article needs to be reached by our team via our email address [email protected]. And we strictly announce that our “Write for Us” + Law team won’t accept any other submission method.

While submitting the article, the writers must attach their recent CVs and the documents.


People who serve justice are equivalent to the protectors of the world, and those who are trying to help and make people more vigilant are also on their path to becoming natural protectors. Thus, grab this opportunity and send your Write for Us Law based articles to this email address [email protected] to become the real Law star!

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