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A Guide to Write For Us Cryptocurrency

Learn more about trending guest blogging opportunity titled Write for Us Cryptocurrency along with writing guidelines.

Do you gain more knowledge about cryptocurrency? Have you ever invested in cryptocurrency in recent days? Then you are the perfect investor to carry on over this guest blogging opportunity because, in recent times, cryptocurrency has emerged as a popular financial entity, and many people wanted to know lots of data about cryptocurrency. That’s why the Careartaids team created this guest blogging opportunity, inviting Write for Us Cryptocurrency writers to take over this opportunity.

Greetings from the Careartaids team,

We are a highly professional content-creating team of writers who started this platform to create more vigilant writers by reading our articles. That’s why we have equipped all our articles with highly fortified content. All our resources are authentic; hence, there is no place for fake news on our platform.

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Write for Us + Cryptocurrency Essential Criteria

Cryptocurrencies are like digital coins where people can invest, like the stock market. However, here, the risk factor is that cryptocurrencies are not legal currency in many countries and are still being sold illegally. This made them suffer many losses due to their poor knowledge about cryptocurrency and lack of governmental regulations, naturally making them vulnerable to scammers. That’s why we have created this guest blogging opportunity to clear up all the misconceptions about cryptocurrency. Thus, the Cryptocurrency Write for Us writers’ responsibility is to justify the primary mission of this guest blogging opportunity.

Educational background: Someone who has completed a degree in cryptocurrency and bitcoin technology, blockchain, financial technology, etc., can share their technical knowledge with us. In addition, any of the people who have just finished the courses on cryptocurrency and trading can also share their expertise with us. Moreover, blockchain is the basis for all the workings of cryptocurrency, so we would also give more preference to such professionals.

“Write for Us” + Cryptocurrency Profession: Traders, crypto brokers, crypto business development representatives, crypto writers, blockchain developers, machine learning specialists, crypto analysts, security engineers, etc., can share their experience with us. If the person who has a strong linkage with cryptocurrency can also share their view via this guest blogging opportunity,

Skill sets: Cryptocurrency articles come under the technical article. The writers must know how to write a technical article. We expect writers to combine technical and non-technical terms related to cryptocurrency; thus, writers must have prior experience in this crypto writing field.

Cryptocurrency + “Write for Us” Reference Topics

Writers must know the recent trends in the crypto world before picking up the topics because, nowadays, readers want more vibrant and exciting topics. In this scenario, if we discuss conventional topics, there are chances that they might lose interest in reading the full article. Hence, please have a look at these suggested topics.

  • What are the basic terms and workings of cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency “Write for Us” Writers can explain how to procure them, their legality, etc.
  • What are the best applications to trade cryptocurrency legally in 2023? In addition, while discussing this topic, the writers can share the pros and cons of the app, their pricing details, etc.
  • Write a short note on the cryptocurrency markets regarding volume, demand, supply, profit, loss, etc.
  • Writers can discuss the different varieties of cryptocurrencies, like altcoins, stablecoins, Ethereum, etc.
  • What are the legal resources of cryptocurrency, along with its pros and cons?
  • How do I trade the cryptocurrency in 2023?

Write for Us Cryptocurrency Article Guidelines

  • The crypto article must be between 1500 and 2500 words.
  • The article must compulsorily contain the necessary block diagrams, flowcharts, tables, and graphs to explain things more excitingly.
  • Writers shouldn’t share any fake or misleading information, and kindly don’t trigger or force anyone to buy particular crypto coins because the crypto market is highly volatile. Thus, financial advice needs to be given very carefully.
  • The article should not endorse any specific cryptocurrency or its developers. It is against our guidelines and terms & condition. 
  • Writers must share recent data related to cryptocurrency only.
  • Write for Us + Cryptocurrency article should not have any grammatical errors or mistakes. Writers can use grammar correction tools like QuillBot and Grammarly to ensure the complete grammatical correctness of the article.
  • Plagiarism activity is the most unethical behaviour of any writer, so our team won’t accept such unethical behaviour.
  • Writers should also focus on the readability of the article’s score because it will directly show the article’s presentation.

SEO guidelines

Cryptocurrency Write for Us Writers must search for the required SEO keywords concerning cryptocurrency. Popular keywords like crypto price, crypto news, and crypto market will pop up if we search for cryptocurrencies. These are the short-tail keywords; the writers must use them in their articles.

  • The heading tag and title tag must be inserted in the article correctly.
  • Meta tags and a meta description must be added along with the article.
  • External and internal links must be added at the end of the article. Linking to the website counts more authenticity to the article.

How to submit the “Write for Us” + Cryptocurrency article?

  • Writers must submit their finished articles to this email address [email protected]. This mailing ID belongs to our editorial team thus make use of it effectively.
  • The writer’s CV must be added along with the documents.
  • Multiple submissions are also accepted for this guest blogging opportunity, so writers are encouraged to write many articles. The best articles will be selected and posted on our platform.


Thus, we have discussed this trending guest blogging opportunity in detail. Nowadays, Write for Us Cryptocurrency articles are trending worldwide, so we urge everyone to use this guest blogging opportunity and send their article to this Email Address [email protected]. It’s time to make some Cryptocurrenic changes in people’s minds.

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