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This post on the Write for Us Environment will make you aware of the norms of writing a guest post for our website. Please read the facts here.

Write for Us Environment!  

Are you interested in working to generate awareness about environmental safety among the readers? You can do so by providing the content on the Write for Us Environment for the Artaids website. Moreover, anyone can grab this opportunity if they feel they are interested in sharing their opinions. However, one needs to learn some guidelines for providing content online. Here we have suggested some facts on the ways of writing the guest post. 

About Artaids! 

Artaids is an online website that aims to provide informative content for readers who are desperate to learn new things. We always aim to provide authentic content for the reader’s reference. People have always visited the website to get updates on the trending topics. People who will contribute to the Write for Us + Environment will help you to learn about the facts related to the Environment. We do not intend to focus on one topic only rather we have been sharing the facts on many other trending topics. These trending topics may include science, politics, national news, laws, technology, education, politics, manufacturing, books, website reviews, authors, product reviews, pets, etc. These topics will give you all the trending facts that are in the news. We make the news Information easier for the readers to understand. People of every age group can understand the content shared on our website. 

The Procedure For Writing the Environment Write for Us

The contributors must understand the facts that are important for everyone to write the guest post. The layout and format of writing the guest post for our website is important to understand without which one cannot write the guest article for our website. Kindly understand all the essential points of writing the guest post.

  • The score of Grammarly on the guest post should be 98 to 100 percent. The content having mistakes like spelling errors or grammatical errors is not acceptable on the post.
  • The plagiarism count on the guest post should be zero. The contributors writing the  “Write for Us” + Environment should not copy the entire content rather they can take help from the online sites.
  • The writers should not try to use artificial intelligence sites that generate content on their own. Try to make content by yourself.
  • The introduction and conclusion section of the website should have no more than 160 words. These sections should be small and to the point. 
  • The description of the guest post should be between 97 to 160 characters. The guest post should have a description which should be informative. 
  • The guest post can also have images that must be decent. You can add images in the Environment + “Write for Us” to make it more impressive. 
  • The bullet points should be used to make the content more informative and appealing. People can directly skip to the bullet points to understand the content. 
  • The guest post should be 500 to 1000 words long. You should not write a long or too short guest post. 
  • The readability factor on the guest post should be more than 90 percent.
  • The hyperlink on the guest content must be placed after 70 to 80 percent completion of the content. 
  • The word gap between the keywords should be 90-110 words. 
  • The spam count should be a minimum between 0-3 percent.

Subjects For the Environment “Write for Us”

  • What Is Environment?
  • Importance of a Clean Environment! 
  • How is pollution affecting the environment? 
  • Safety measures for cleaning the environment! 
  • Government policies for cleaning the environment! 
  • How are industries affecting the environment? 

You may have uncountable options to choose among various topics. Moreover, the topics that you have chosen should be informative and the readers must have an interest in reading those topics. Your topic should be capable of earning high views then it will generate large publicity for the contributors among the readers. 

Merits for sharing content for Artaids! 

We are a popular online site who had been working day and night to uplift the status of contributors. The Write for Us Environment will give you an amazing opportunity to highlight yourself. It gives you kass exposure and your content receives 1000 plus views daily. The SERP rank of the Artaids is amazing making us a renowned platform. Not only this, many experienced publishers may hire online contributors whose work is impressive. Thus, we open a door full of exciting opportunities. You will get all these advantages only if you work with Artaids. So, kindly start connecting with us.

Who can submit the guest post? 

Readers who are desperate to submit the content on the Environment must know the guidelines. Also, if they can write the content on the Write for Us Environment in a simple language, especially in English, they are eligible to write the guest post. We are not bothered about your profession. It is alright if you pursue any other profession.

Where to submit this guest post? 

The Online readers who want to contribute to our website can submit a guest post at this EMAIL ID: [email protected]

After submitting the content online, we have to review this content properly. After we have read your content and approved it, we will inform the readers about the same and it may take around one day to get ready with our response.


Summing up this research on Write for Us Environment, we have suggested to the readers the norms of writing the content on Environment for the popular online site, Artaids. The facts shared in the guidelines are important for everyone to read. 

Would you mind giving you suggestions on the Environment post? Please share your ideas in the reply section below. 

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