What Is the Difference Between Spiral Wound and Convolute Paper Tubes?

What Is the Difference Between Spiral Wound and Convolute Paper Tubes

Paper tubes are cylindrical structures used for various applications, such as packaging, construction, and shipping. There are two common types of paper tubes, spiral wound and convolute. While they may seem similar, there are distinct differences between them that make each type suitable for specific purposes. Reputable paper tube manufacturers may help individuals determine the appropriate type for their needs based on weight, size, and desired strength. Here are some differences between the two types: 

Construction and Material

The construction process Is different for each of these types of tubes. Those with a spiral winding are produced by continuously wrapping sheets of paper around a mandrel at a certain angle in a spiraling pattern. This method involves using thinner layers of paper, including recycled paper or coated paper.

Convoluted tubes are formed by longitudinally rolling a single sheet of paper. The process typically involves using Kraft paper wound straight on to create a cylindrical form. The difference in construction methods also leads to variations in the final product’s appearance.

Strength and Durability

Convoluted tubes are used in heavy-duty applications like textile manufacturing due to their robust beam strength. They can withstand heavy loads and are less susceptible to damage during transit or storage. Spiral wound tubes, while lighter, offer ample strength and durability. Their smooth surface, resulting from layers of paper glued together with high-strength adhesive, makes them suitable for film production.

Resistance to Moisture and Mold

Spiral wound paper tubes have better resistance to moisture and mold due to their tightly compressed layers and the use of water-based adhesives. Their surface reduces the tubes’ exposure to moisture, minimizing the risk of mold growth. They are suitable for storing products that are sensitive to humidity, such as artwork or food items.

Convoluted tubes form rolling a single sheet of paper, and they may have an exposed seam. This may make them more susceptible to moisture. With proper packaging and storage, convolute tubes may provide adequate protection against moisture and mold growth.

Applications Areas

Convoluted tubes are known for their strength and durability. These traits make them suitable for construction and industrial work, where they can withstand heavy loads. 

Spiral wound tubes are versatile, finding use in various areas. Their smooth surface makes them suitable for packaging. They’re commonly used in shipping, protecting products from damage during transport. Their strength makes them fit for general applications such as mailing and poster tubes. In construction, they serve as formwork for concrete columns. 

Benefits of Working with Paper Tube Manufacturers

Enhanced Quality Assurance

Manufacturers craft sturdy, reliable paper tubes with premium materials and cutting-edge technology. That means the tubes you purchase are of good quality that will keep your customers satisfied.

Custom Solutions

Every business has unique needs, and reliable manufacturers understand this, offering tailor-made paper tubes. They can make the sizes, strength, and quality you need for your shipping needs. 

Sustainable Practices

Environment-conscious paper tube manufacturers focus on sustainability. They utilize eco-friendly materials like recycled paper to minimize their carbon footprints. This commitment aligns with global efforts toward environmental preservation, enhancing your green credentials.

Innovation and Industry Knowledge

Paper tube manufacturers need to know the latest industry trends to keep their business up to date. This may include updating their older machinery or using new materials in their tubes to keep up with industry standards.

Partner with Dependable Paper Tube Manufacturers Today

Convoluted and spiral wound tubes are widely used in many industries for their strength, durability, and versatility. They protect against moisture and mold growth when properly packaged and stored. Dependable paper tube manufacturers offer many options for these tubes to suit different applications. Consider collaborating with a dependable manufacturer for packaging and construction paper tube needs.

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