6 Ways Propane Is Used in the Farming Industry

Complete Information About 6 Ways Propane Is Used in the Farming Industry

Propane is commonly used in residential heating systems, furnaces, and cooking ranges. It is also used in the farming industry and can help protect the environment because of its lower carbon emissions. A propane supplier can provide farmers of various specialties with propane for their unique applications. Here are six ways propane is used in farming:

1. Irrigation Engines

Irrigation engines powered by propane from a propane supplier can perform better than diesel or natural gas-powered engines because of propane’s burning efficiency. Propane’s efficiency results in less fuel consumption by irrigation engines and lower operational expenses. Because of the higher performance of propane irrigation engines, your crops can be supplied with enough water, and you can experience fewer refueling stops. The portability of propane fuel also enables you to use irrigation engines anywhere, making farming more flexible and convenient. 

2. Livestock Care

You can use propane to keep your livestock warm and comfortable in winter by powering barn heating systems. The warmth from propane heating can promote healthy growth in baby chicks and other animals. Propane can also power your sanitation pressure washers, enabling fast and thorough cleaning of your cowsheds. This fuel can also enable more efficient feed production if you have a cattle or poultry feed pellet mill.

3. Greenhouse Heating

Propane heaters can raise your greenhouse loam soil’s temperatures during winter, improving crop quality. The lower amounts of carbon dioxide released by propane heaters can also speed up the growth rate of your greenhouse crops. Propane heaters can also dry out the air in your greenhouse, protecting the crops from diseases, mold, and mildew. 

4. Grain Drying

Large-scale farmers can use propane to power their grain dryer machines. The low carbon emissions of propane grain dryers can also reduce the contamination of your wheat, corn, or other grains. Less grain contamination and faster drying processes can reduce crop loss, improving profits. The effectiveness of propane grain dryers can also give you more flexibility in your harvest times.

5. Farm Vehicles 

You can use propane to fuel various farm vehicles like tractors, forklifts, and lawnmowers. Propane can extend your farm vehicle engine’s lifespan by preventing valve blockages. Preventing engine valve blockages also means reducing future maintenance costs for your farm vehicles.

6. Weed Control

Propane fuel can be a good solution if you prefer flame weeding to other weed-control options like herbicides. Flame weeding using propane can protect you from health issues that result from carbon dioxide emissions. The propane’s ability to burn quickly can also speed up your flame-weeding process. 

Tips for Choosing a Propane Supplier

The propane supplier you choose should understand and carry various grades of propane. Ask the supplier whether they carry high-quality HD5 and HD10 propane and how to use them in farming. Your chosen supplier should offer services like will-call or automatic delivery. Will-call delivery can be helpful if you need large amounts of propane on an irregular basis, while automatic delivery comes regularly to keep your tanks full. Your propane supplier should also be licensed with your state’s Department of Consumer Protection. This licensing shows that the supplier understands and complies with laws regulating propane’s safe handling and storage.

Due to the risks associated with propane when it’s mishandled, choose a supplier with workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance covers treatment expenses if propane suppliers sustain injuries after propane tank explosions or other related accidents. The supplier should also have a positive reputation, which signifies quality propane delivery services. Before choosing a supplier for your farming propane, compare prices with other suppliers to make sure their rates are affordable. Consider getting quotes from several suppliers to help determine an accurate budget for your propane.

Hire Propane Delivery Services 

Propane can enhance farming operations by powering farming vehicles, irrigation pumps, and other equipment. You can also use propane to keep your livestock and greenhouse crops warm during the cold season. Choose a reliable propane supplier who can advise you on how to integrate propane into your farming practices. Contact a supplier today to learn more about how you can use propane in your various farming applications.

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