Stay Connected 24/7: Introducing Automatic Text Alerts

Complete Information About Stay Connected 247 - Introducing Automatic Text Alerts

By all appearances, a lot of companies have moved away from email marketing campaigns in favor of marketing campaigns that are run through SMS systems. That has made it necessary for companies to use all of the SMS tools they may have in their respective SMS toolboxes.

One tool that has been gaining importance and popularity is automated text alert systems. Using one of these systems has become vital to mass marketing campaigns. Why? Such systems allow companies to reach literally millions of customers/clients at exactly the right point in time.

Let’s take a look at how an automatic text alert system can increase the effectiveness of your marketing and communication capabilities.

What are Automatic Text Alerts

Text or SMS automation is a system by which text messages can be sent en mass at predetermined times. This type of SMS messaging system is typically used for a variety of reasons, including appointment confirmation, customer service communications, emergency lets, and marketing campaigns.

What Are the Benefits of Employing Automated Texts?

Over time, the use of automated texting systems has proven beneficial for various reasons. As you contemplate using automated texts, here are some of the benefits your business could derive:

Saving time and financial resources – Setting up an automated text alert system allows employees to minimize the time they have to invest in monitoring the release of texts. Reduced time often translates to the need for less manpower, which further translates to cost savings.

Sending out personalized messages in mass – Most automated SMS alert systems offer tools that will allow the operator to personalize automated messages.

Allows for high-volume messaging in minutes – Once an automated text alert database has been created, it allows the operator to send out millions of SMS messages in minutes. That saves a lot of time while reaching out to the target audience.

Being connected to recipients 24/7 – Setting up prescheduled automated texts allows businesses to communicate via texts anytime, day or night, without having staff members at the controls 24/7/365. This is vital for companies with customers/clients in different countries and even different parts of the country.

Types of Prescheduled Text Messages

It’s not always prudent for you to sit by your computers, waiting for the exact right time to release SMS texts. It makes far more sense for you to set up as many texts as possible in a single sitting and have them released as a group. That is exactly what an automated text system would allow you to do. Here are some of the prescheduled texts you might want to send out to consumers (current and prospective), partners, or employees:

  • Automated Happy Birthday greetings
  • A welcome aboard message to new customers or employees
  • Special promotional offers for current and prospective customers
  • System maintenance alerts
  • Responses to frequently asked questions
  • Customer satisfaction questionnaires and surveys
  • Automated messages that confirm the receipt of message inquiries
  • Order updates – shipping information, delivery updates, etc.
  • Payment reminders

How Automated Text Alerts Can Improve Relationships With Customers

As indicated above, there are benefits that companies can derive by using automated SMS alert systems. At the same time, using such systems can also benefit customers, which translates to better customer relationships. Here are some reasons you should use automated text alerts to connect better with customers:

Faster responses to inquiries – When customers have questions, they expect quick answers. Automated text alerts offer quick responses, even if only to confirm that an inquiry was received and will be addressed soon.

Builds customer loyalty – Recent studies show that customers appreciate fast responses from merchants and service providers, which improves customer loyalty.

Keeping engaged with customers – Automated text alerts often show customers that they are always in the thoughts of the business.


It matters not what industry or industries your company does business in. There are always ways your company can use an automated SMS alert system for the benefit of the company and or customers. Given the benefits you can derive from doing this, what are you waiting for? Such systems are no longer part of the future because the future is now!

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