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About general informatiol Write for Us + Industry Guest Post

The article lays out the important guidelines to be followed by the writers while writing the Write for Us + Industry Guest Post articles.

Are you a person who has immense knowledge of the industrial sector? Can you interpret the industrial happenings around the world? Then we sincerely value your deep interest and valuable experience in the sector. And this Write for Us + Industry Guest Post blogging opportunity has an effortless procedure so that aspiring writers can participate. And we have listed everything clearly in the upcoming paragraph; thus, we sincerely ask everyone to read the whole thing and get geared up for writing this online article collectable.

About our website “artaids.com”

Our website acts as an aid for our readers to gain valuable knowledge from our Industry + Write for Us articles. And this is the central vision of our website, which we have kept as the name of the website itself. 

Our highly visionary articles fall under the category of

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Write for Us + Industry writers Desired Qualifications

The industry is an economic tool that aids in producing goods or services for human consumption. Every manufacturing plan has to be executed via this industry, so developing and knowing about the industry is very important for everyone. As a result, we’ve created this guest blogging opportunity to help global “Write for Us” + Industry readers to understand the concepts of industries worldwide.

But for presenting this article in a highly efficient manner, we need a person to have good field experience in any industrial sector.

Write for Us Industry Reference topics

The writer must be meticulous while choosing the topic because it has to be a solution- and practically oriented one rather than stating the conventions around industries. For more clarification, writers can refer to the below-mentioned topics.

  • Why are industries currently shifting towards greener, artificial intelligence-enhanced ones?
  • “Write for Us” + “Industry” writers can also discuss emerging small industries because industries are not only about billion-dollar companies; each MSME industry has a significant role in the country’s growth. Thus, writers can select some topics to assist entrepreneurs in small-scale industries with their problems.
  • What are the core industries and their recent performances?

Industry Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • The article’s length plays a significant role in attracting many people, so writers should not drag it out with repetitive and irrelevant things; the length should be 750 to 1500 words.
  • Writers shouldn’t promote any private industries in their articles; that article will attract severe rejection, so please focus only on the enrichment of the content.
  • The Write for Us+ Industry article should be conveyed in simple English without any errors, and we request the writers limit the usage of too many technical terms.
  • The guest post writers can quote the industrial reports’ data and performance graphs, but they should not completely copy the content; the writer has to interpret everything in their writing.
  • The post must have a readability score of 60% and above.
  • The shared content shouldn’t incorporate any abusive, inappropriate, or aggressive terms.
  • Ensure that the spam score of the article is above 3%.
  • Also, the submitted content must be engaging, easy to understand, and interesting.

“Write for Us” + Industry articles SEO guidelines

  • The article should have been optimized before submission, and to make that happen, writers must include the necessary target keywords in their articles.
  • External and internal links must be attached at the end of the article in a highlighted manner.

Industry + “Write for Us” writers Benefits

  • Our website has a high trust score, which reflects that we have gotten a good number of impressions among the global population, and we will be reflected as a virtual support for our guest post writers’ works as well.
  • Our highly qualified and skilled technical team will guide the writers, and the writers can also learn many new experiences from our team.

Industry “Write for Us” articles Submission Rules

The finished and proofread articles’ soft copies must be sent to this email address [[email protected]] with the proper subject line.


Thus, we have entirely stated all the guidelines and rules to be followed by the writers. We sincerely hope that every interested person will adhere to their highly beneficial Write for Us + Industry Guest Post articles. If any writers have questions about the selection of Industry topics or the SEO process, they can contact our team using the email ID provided.

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