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At the point when the first video of “El marino loko Video Original” started circling via online entertainment in 2017, barely any envisioned the effect it would have.

The Insane Mariner Unique Video

Erick Spirits Guevara, otherwise called “El marino loko Video Original is a marine positioned in Tamaulipas who became popular for his disputable strategies to battle drug dealing. Likewise nicknamed “El Martillo” or “Mr. Thor”, Spirits Guevara used to declare his activities against drug dealing through informal organizations and show his detainees beaten and wearing ladies’ unmentionables in photographs and recordings in which he derided them. These strategies, thought about embarrassing by quite a few people, procured him the hostility of various medication dealers.

“El Marino Loko”: His special techniques for fighting medication dealing

One of the attributes that separated the way “El marino loko Video Original” worked was the utilization of interpersonal organizations to scatter his activities against individuals from cartels. Through live transmissions, the mariner provided details regarding strikes and mediations that he was going to do, in any event, approaching the non military personnel populace to participate or be observers. “We are a couple of meters from where a portion of these folks assemble, I advise you that I won’t take detainees, you know how I work,” he said in one of the most popular recordings of him prior to ambushing a gathering of narcos

Foes of “El Marino Loko”

The developing distinction of “El marino loko Video Original” among the positions of Tamaulipas drug dealing made strong adversaries ready to successfully get payback for the shocks endured on account of the dreaded mariner. It is assessed that somewhere around 60 individuals, including a few cartel pioneers, have offered attractive compensations in return for data about his whereabouts or straightforwardly for his execution. Aggregates going from 500 thousand to a few million Mexican pesos are referenced in narcomantas hanging in Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, Matamoros and Victoria, Tamaulipas.

One of the medication dealers who generally determinedly sought after “El Marino Loko” was Julián Manuel Loisa Salinas, nicknamed “El Comandante Toro”, who held a central leadership inside the Bay Cartel in the Reynosa region. After a few showdowns in which the mariner figured out how to win, it is said that “El Toro” made the hunt and end of Spirits Guevara a need, putting every one of his assets at the help of this goal. He would try and have penetrated sources inside the actual military.

The fall of “Comandante Toro” and the impact of “El Marino Loko”

At long last, the resolution of “Comandante Toro” paid off when in the early long periods of April 22, 2017, Erick Spirits Guevara was killed by components of the Mexican Armed force in the district of Reynosa, Tamaulipas. Albeit the specific conditions of his passing have not been openly explained, it is trusted that “El Toro” would have given key data about the developments and concealing spots that the mariner regularly visited, permitting him to be effectively trapped. The body had different effects from a 9 mm type slug, consequently finishing the vocation of the dreaded “Marino Loko.”

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