[Watch Video] Knacking Video of iyabo ojo and naira marley

Latest News Knacking Video of iyabo ojo and naira marley

In the Knacking Video of iyabo ojo and naira marley , shared by questionable web-based figure Verydarkman, Iyabo Ojo enthusiastically gets a bundle of roses from Naira Marley and pronounces herself a “Marlian.”

Knacking Video of iyabo ojo and naira marley

Knacking Video of iyabo ojo and naira marley as a “fraud” in view of her ongoing allegations against Naira Marley contrasted with their apparently warm connections before. He claimed they were so close in the past that Iyabo was happy with sending her children to his home. He addressed why Iyabo Ojo was so invigorated and glad to get Naira Marley’s bouquet assuming she disapproved of him giving substances to her children. This recommends some secret kinship or connection between the two superstars that has now soured.

Iyabo Ojo’s Issue with Verydarkman

In his video, Knacking Video of iyabo ojo and naira marley for deferring equity for the late vocalist, Mohbad, because of her own feud against Naira Marley. Mohbad has blamed Naira Marley for attack, tormenting and provocation. Be that as it may, Verydarkman calls attention to there is still no genuine argument or proof against Naira Marley in regards to Mohbad’s cases. Iyabo and Verydarkman’s web-based quarrel began after he marked her a “bombed entertainer.” She hit back in an answer video, which provoked Verydarkman to make more shameful claims about Iyabo and her girl. He has guaranteed in a different viral video that the two ladies “lay down with people for cash.”

Responses to Verydarkman’s Reemerged Video

Knacking Video of iyabo ojo and naira marley joyfully getting blossoms from Naira Marley has caused banter on the web. Some help Verydarkman’s cases that Iyabo is being misleading in light of their apparently close past relationship. In any case, others censure Verydarkman as attempting to work up debate.

Some essentially ask overlooking Verydarkman, asserting he’s being paid to cause show on the web. The center inquiry is whether the video demonstrates Iyabo and Naira Marley were something beyond companions or teammates before. Verydarkman accepts it shows Iyabo’s ongoing allegations don’t agree with how agreeable she showed up around Naira Marley already. In any case, others contend it’s unimportant to the substance misuse claims including her children.

Past Charges Against Iyabo Ojo

This isn’t whenever Verydarkman first has made shocking charges against Iyabo Ojo. After she offended him and his mom online for neglecting to raise him appropriately, he hit back guaranteeing both Iyabo and her girl Priscy “lay down with individuals for cash.” He proposed to pay them himself to lay down with his companion while he watched. He likewise considered Iyabo a “dry lady” and thought about how her detailed darling, Paulo, could tolerate laying down with her.

So while his latest video is centered around what he sees as Iyabo’s deception towards Naira Marley, he has a background marked by attempting to harm her standing with problematic cases about her own life. This further sabotages his validity to certain onlookers.

The Outcome and Legitimate Inquiries

In the repercussions of the different claims between Knacking Video of iyabo ojo and naira marley, numerous legitimate inquiries remain. Iyabo Ojo presently can’t seem to give proof of her cases that Naira Marley gave unlawful substances to her kids. Verydarkman contends she is permitting her own grudge against Naira Marley to slow down equity for Mohbad’s attack charges too.

Police have not named Naira Marley as a suspect in any wrongdoing connected with Iyabo’s kids. And keeping in mind that Mohbad has stopped objections, no charges have been documented against Naira with respect to attack or provocation by the same token.

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