Write for Us + Travel Paid Guest Post: Read The Exclusive Guidelines To Submit A Guest Post!

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This post on the Write for Us + Travel Paid Guest Post will help the readers to understand the exact way to write this guest article.

Are you excited to work as a contributor for the Artaids site? If you wish to connect with our website, you can first write a Write for Us + Travel Paid Guest Post for us so that we can check if you have the potential to join our page. The contributors are requested to read all the necessary guidelines so that they can write an acceptable and impressive guest post. You need not search out the guidelines on multiple platforms. We have shared everything in this post.

About Artaids

This is a popular online learning destination where you can connect with us by giving thoughts on Travel Paid + Write for Us. Travel is not only the main concern of guest posts. We also work on several informative niches that can give you updates on the world. Any latest news on education, health, science, website reviews, investment, lifestyle, product reviews, cryptocurrency, mutual funds, films, industry, Hollywood, manufacturing, business, laws, metaverse, politics, international news, sports, etc is discussed on our website. 

Important Tips For The Write for Us Travel Paid

We have mentioned some important tips and norms that will play a helpful role while writing a guest article. If you have missed any point of our guidelines previously, you can check every point here. Kindly go through every point without skipping any. 

  • The combined word length of the introduction and conclusion cannot be more than 160 words. Kindly check the word limit in the “Write for Us”+Travel Paid
  • The contributors should rectify the errors like spelling or grammatical mistakes. It must have a 98 to 100% score on Grammarly.
  • We never accept any write-up containing plagiarism. Ensure that your guest article has 0% plagiarism. 
  • The length of the full guest post should be 500 to 1000 words. 
  • The external link used in the “Write for Us” + “Travel Paid” should not have a spam count of more than 3 percent. 
  • The contributors should give a green shade to the external links. The internal links or keywords must be highlighted in blue shade. 
  • The senders should add only 96 to 160 characters to the description. It should be short and attractive. 
  • The contributors must include factual information in the Write for Us+Travel Paid
  • The crux of the keywords must be explained within starting 200 words. 
  • You should choose SEO-based keywords. 
  • The readability rate on the guest article has to be 90 percent or more.
  • A constant gap of 90 to 110 words ought to be maintained between the keywords. 
  • After winding 70-80% article, use an external link on the post.

Headlines For Travel Paid Write for Us

  • 10 Best Places To Travel
  • What does the term Travel mean?
  • Top Beaches To Travel
  • Amazing Foreign Places
  • Importance of Traveling
  • How does Traveling add fun to life? 

The contributors have to opt for some topics that should be related to Traveling. The contributors must make a title that tends to impress several viewers at a single time.

Who choose Artaids For “Write for Us” + Travel Paid?

If you are still in dilemma on choosing our website, then you should get more details on the positivity of our platform. We have shared some valuable points below. Kindly read them.

  • The contributors and their content get global exposure with more than one thousand views. 
  • The SERP Rank describes that we are on top. 

The Eligibility Parameters For Travel Paid + “Write for Us”

Everyone who knows the format of our guest post can share their thoughts with Artaids. If you know the exact way to research well on the topic, then you will not face much difficulty while writing a guest post. People opting for any profession can write a guest article.

How to submit the Travel Paid “Write for Us”?

The correct way to submit the guest article is that you must add your file and add some extra contact information. Then, send this file to this EMAIL ID ([email protected]). Once you have shared the post, you will get a notification after we have reviewed the content. We might take 1 day to respond to you. 


Summarizing this post on the Write for Us + Travel Paid, we have mentioned all worthwhile points to write a wonderful guest post on Travel for Artaids (https://www.artaids.com/). 

Will you write a guest article for our website? Please comment with your answer in the reply box below.

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