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Our platform brings new ideas, unique views that share cool facts, and fresh and exciting stories that others don’t know. Reading our Sports guest posts helps our audience to learn more about their favourite Sports, current trends, rankings, and dashboards. We foster community engagement, which knows a lot about Sports, telling you interesting things.

If you are Sports journalist, Sports reporter, Sportsman, or Sports enthusiast, you can share your knowledge via Write for Us Sports guest posts on our platform.

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As we aspire to be a notable source of Sports information, we invite bloggers to contribute their Sports-related guest posts on our platform.

Blogger Skills:

  • Writers should be able to research Sports topics thoroughly.
  • Writers need broad knowledge of Sports subjects.
  • Writers must understand our audience’s Sports interests.
  • Strong written communication skills are essential.

Write for Us + Sports blogger’s Qualifications:

  • Writers must demonstrate their understanding skills through well-written documents.
  • Formal Sports training certification isn’t mandatory.
  • We prefer writers with Sports experience.
  • Proficiency in crafting web content, blogs, or articles is required.

General Guidelines:

  • Predict, discuss, and analyze Sports matchups for your readers.
  • Bring a unique perspective, insights, or personal experiences to your Sports topic.
  • Stand out by making your guest post different from existing content on our platform.
  • Dive into historical moments, records, and milestones in your chosen Sport.
  • Compare recent performances with past achievements in Sports history.
  • Showcase profiles of famous or up-and-coming athletes.
  • In your Sports Write for Us guest posts, break down key games/movements, analyzing strategies and turning points.
  • Offer insights into team tactics, player performances, and coaching decisions.
  • Engage readers with questions, outcome of polls, or discussion points.
  • Include a call-to-action, prompting readers to share thoughts in the comments.
  • Edit and proofread for grammar, typos errors, and more clarity.
  • Give a behind-the-scenes look at Sports events or training camps.
  • Encourage readers to share opinions, predictions, or experiences in the comments.
  • Discuss the cultural importance of Sports.
  • Explore the lifestyle, fashion, and social aspects linked to specific Sports.
  • Provide fantasy Sports enthusiasts with insights, player recommendations, and strategies in your “Write for Us” + Sports articles.
  • Share unusual or inspiring Sports stories.
  • Cover events or individuals not widely known but with an exciting narrative.
  • Highlight fan experiences, traditions, and community involvement.
  • Share insights into athletes’ training routines and fitness habits.

SEO Guidelines:

  • Guest posts must focus on Sports topics consistently.
  • Avoid repeating information or sentences.
  • Sports articles include two do-followup links, linkbacks, copyright-free images, an intro, and a source link.
  • Include a FAQ section in Sports-related articles.
  • Include an unbiased conclusion summarizing key points.
  • Sports write-ups should be between 800-1,500 words.
  • Sports guest posts should be authentic(not copied).
  • Sports + “Write for Us” articles should be error-free.
  • Avoid redundancy in Sports-related write-ups.
  • No offensive content, words, or promo links should feature in Sports-related posts.
  • Logically structured the write-up with headings and subheads.
  • Provide accurate information and numeric figures, excluding gossip.
  • High readability is required for better reader understanding.
  • Avoid passive voice in Sports guest posts.
  • Over 80% of articles should be in an active voice.
  • Use keywords appropriately for SEO.


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Advantages of Sports Write for Us post:

  • Boost your work’s visibility.
  • Gain recognition for your expertise.
  • Share to expand readership.
  • Open doors to new opportunities.
  • Increase organic search traffic.
  • Connect directly with enthusiasts.
  • Enhance research, knowledge, and writing skills.

Submitting guest posts:

Send a sample to [email protected]. Alternatively, submit your Sports-related articles directly for publication.

Final thoughts:

Please note that we may modify or remove parts of your submission. Approved posts can’t be submitted elsewhere. Our team will contact you before or within 24 hours post-submission for publication. Writers are free to choose any topics related to Sports, including those mentioned earlier. For any queries or clarifications, you may email our editorial team.

Were guidelines for Sports + “Write for Us” guest posts informative? Please comment on these Sports guest post writing guidelines.

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