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All Information About Write For Us Real Estate

Read extensive details about posting a Write for Us Real Estate guest post on Artaids.com by following detailed guidelines.

Readers of Real Estate guest posts require practical insights into real estate market, including buying, selling, investing, financing, property management, common challenges, market trends, predictions, guidance on investment decisions and strategies for real estate transactions.

If you are a real estate industry expert, investor, agent, or broker, then you can share your knowledge via the Write for Us Real Estate guest post by following guidelines below.

About Artaids.com:

Artaids.com is a commercial and knowledge-based platform publishing articles on trending topics related but not limited to: 

  • Health,
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  • News,
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Artaids promotes networking, community engagement, and encourages interaction among readers. Our audience comes from different walks of life, and many are interested in knowing everything about Real Estate. Therefore, we allow bloggers to post their Real Estate guest posts on our platform.

Skill sets of a Real Estate Write for Us blogger:

  • Writers must have a broad knowledge of Real Estate and its related aspects to meet readers’ needs.
  • Strong research skills are crucial for gathering independent information. 
  • Proficient written communication is necessary to convey expertise and findings effectively.

Qualifications of a Writer:

  • A formal certification or degree in property management is not obligatory.
  • Writers must possess excellent skills in written communication for crafting guest posts.
  • Writers with practical experience in Real Estate industry are prioritized.
  • Writers should have prior experience in preparing website content, guest posts, blogs, or articles.

General guidelines for Write for Us + Real Estate:

  • Guest posts should only focus on topics related to Real Estate and avoid going off-topic.
  • Remove unnecessary repetition in information and sentences.
  • Include two non-copyrighted images, Do-followup links and backlinks.
  • Content should include an introduction, a source link, and FAQs.
  • In conclusion, objectively summarize main points.
  • Keep word count of Read Estate guest posts between 800 and 1,500 words.
  • Real Estate articles should incorporate feedback and comparative analysis.
  • Include community feedback and provide expert opinions to save customers time and money while improving their satisfaction.
  • Enhance customers’ understanding of “Write for Us” + Real Estate posts by discussing features, advantages, disadvantages, ratings, and functionalities.
  • Offer a unique perspective by sharing success stories, lessons learned, or innovative approaches to real estate.
  • Guest posts should end with actionable advice readers can implement to achieve their goals.

SEO Guidelines:

  • Guest posts about Real Estate should not be copied from other sources and should not contain any grammatical mistakes, offensive language, or promotional links.
  • Arrange articles in a clear manner with headings, bullet points, and subheadings.
  • Use accurate facts and numbers in Real Estate + “Write for Us” posts to avoid spreading rumours and false details.
  • Guest posts should be easy to read, understand, and engaging.
  • Use active sentences in 80% of content.
  • Include relevant keywords for SEO at correct density and consistency. 
  • Final draft should be proofread and modified for clarity, coherence, and typo errors.


  1. Property Investment Strategies,
  2. Market Trends and Analysis,
  3. Home Buying Tips,
  4. Selling Your Home,
  5. Real Estate Law and Regulations,
  6. Property Management,
  7. Real Estate Technology,
  8. Commercial Real Estate,
  9. Real Estate Finance,
  10. Green and Sustainable Real Estate,
  11. Real Estate Marketing Strategies,
  12. Real Estate Education and Training,
  13. Real Estate “Write for Us” about Risk Management,
  14. Real Estate Networking,
  15. International Real Estate,
  16. Real Estate Appraisal and Valuation,
  17. Real Estate and Retirement Planning,
  18. Real Estate Taxation,
  19. Luxury Real Estate,
  20. Real Estate Industry News and Updates,
  21. Real Estate Crowdfunding,
  22. Vacation and Short-Term Rentals,
  23. Real Estate Negotiation Skills,
  24. Real Estate Market Cycles,
  25. Real Estate Photography Tips,
  26. Affordable Housing Initiatives,
  27. Real Estate Networking Events,
  28. Real Estate and Blockchain Technology,
  29. Real Estate and Economic Indicators,
  30. Historic Preservation in Real Estate,
  31. Real Estate Design Trends,
  32. Real Estate and Social Responsibility,
  33. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs),
  34. Real Estate Exit Strategies,
  35. Real Estate and Artificial Intelligence,
  36. Write for Us + Real Estate and Home Automation,
  37. Real Estate Career Paths,
  38. Real Estate and Gig Economy,
  39. Real Estate and Aging Population,
  40. Real Estate and Disaster Preparedness, Etc.


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Advantages of Real Estate Write for Us posts:

  • Real Estate guest posting offers an opportunity to demonstrate expertise, build trust within community, expand professional connections, and increase online presence.
  • Sharing Real Estate articles enhances your brand visibility as you focus on specific topics and keywords, including backlinks and Do-Followup links.
  • Writing for Real Estate also helps diversify your content writing portfolio.
  • Successful guest posts can attract more readers and social media traffic, allowing you to reach a wider audience and collaborations as your reputation grows.
  • Real Estate write-ups stimulates continuous learning, promotes critical thinking, and improves ability to express complex ideas.

Submitting Real Estate + “Write for Us” posts:

Please send your writing sample to [email protected] for review. You can also submit your guest post directly for publication, but we reserve right to make changes to meet our standards.

Final thoughts:

Authors are welcome to select any Real Estate topics in addition to ones already discussed. Avoid submitting approved guest posts elsewhere. Our team will contact you before publishing or within 24 hours after submission. For queries, kindly contact our editorial team via email.

Were above guidelines on Real Estate helpful and informative? Please post your comments in below section about these Real Estate “Write for Us” posts writing guidelines. 

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