Write for Us + Law Guest Post: A Detailed Checklist of Necessary Guidelines for Content Creation

About general informatiol Write for Us + Law Guest Post

Make a great career by joining us as guest bloggers for Write for Us + Law Guest Post, following every guideline and criteria.

Law is an exciting subject that has a lot that is covered. These include essential aspects of the law field and how each section affects citizens. While a non-specialist may need to be better knowledgeable about the law, it is necessary to know the basic features and how it will impact others.

For this, we are currently looking for experts who will possess expertise in the field. As subject matter experts of law or freshers in the field, if you are willing to share your knowledge, do try out this opportunity. In addition, our website is hiring for Write for Us + Law Guest Post and has enlisted detailed insight in the coming sections.

So continue to read at length.

A General Insight About the Website

Our website is named artaids.com/, a global platform enrolling plenty of writers to contribute their knowledge base. However, at present, we are particularly hiring for our new category page on the law. Yet it includes a few necessary details to be followed mandatorily for Write for Us + Law contents.

An elaborated overview is presented below. Continue to read.

What are the general guidelines for Law + Write for Us content?

  • Keywords include primary keywords, secondary keywords and LSI keywords
  • We suggest you research topics using keywords.
  • However, keywords play an integral role in ranking the content on search engines.
  • Include the keyword in titles and distribute them properly across the content.
  • Ensure to craft all Write for Us Law topics uniquely and maintain originality.
  • It should not exceed the density of 1%
  • Check for grammar thoroughly before sharing the content with us
  • More importantly, maintain a Grammarly score of 98+
  • Do not forget to share the screenshot of scores when sharing the samples and actual work content

“Write for Us”+Law – What does our Website Offer?

Along with welcoming a range of writers, from freshers to professionals, we provide a range of benefits. These include:

  • The contents will include a short biography providing CTA for all Law Write for Us articles.
  • It is an excellent opportunity for all writers who want to kickstart their careers or provide a new curve to their profession.
  • An excellent option to network with other similar writers
  • Our website guest blogs are paid opportunities that can add to your income
  • Moreover, writing for a global website will prove to be a strong addition to your portfolio
  • Overall, writing for our website is an excellent opportunity to build your career graph and reach new heights in writing.

“Write for Us” + “Law” – What is the Selection Process?

Our joining process is very easy and simple. It is no hassle and extremely easy for individuals to understand. The procedure includes sharing samples of “Write for Us” + Law articles or blogs with us through Email.

Send your samples to [email protected]. Our team will check for the quality, and if it matches the requirements, we will share an approval email with the selected writers. Do ensure to keep a check of your inbox and wait for our confirmation mail.

Write for Us+Law – Other Necessary Points

  • The content must comprise adequate sources and links
  • Each Law + “Write for Us” content must accompany relevant sources
  • Include images wherever required
  • Make sure the images added are free of copyright
  • Section the content into good categories, including a relevant title, subheadings, tables, bullet points and conclusion.
  • The keyword must be added in the starting paragraph of the introduction
  • Later it must be added after every 100 to 110 words to maintain adequate density
  • The inclusion of external and internal links will add weightage to the content
  • Do not add any false information
  • All the blogs must be thoroughly proofread and edited per the SEO guidelines and requirements.

Note that once uploaded to our website, all the content cannot be shared anywhere else on the internet. Therefore, we will be the sole owner of its copyright.

Final Conclusion

Every Law “Write for Us” content must abide by the criteria as stated in the above sections. We are eagerly waiting for you to join our website as guest writers.

If you have any questions related to any aspect of content drafting, then do share your insights and opinions in the comments box below.

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