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About general informatiol Write for Us + Home Decor Guest Post

Some qualities writers need to have to write Write for Us + Home Decor Guest Post for the website, so learn all guidelines that are shared above.

Guest Posts are the best ways to know and learn how to Decorate a Small Home for any occasion or usual tips. When decorating a small home for an occasion, it’s important to keep in mind the space you have to work with. Use clever storage solutions and clever placement of holiday decor to make the most of your space. Learn such valuable inputs from our Write for Us + Home Decor Guest Post.

About artaids.com

artaids.com has a huge reader base, and all visitors come to the website to find updated and informative articles and blogs. So, it is looking for writers experienced in structuring high-quality articles and blogs to keep the readers busy and engaged. If you are interested in the opportunity, review the Write for Us + Home Decor guidelines below. 

But, the website only accepts high-quality articles and informative blogs. So, writers and authors interested in the opportunity must have good writing skills and research the subject before delivering a masterpiece. 

Write for Us Home Decor Guest Post articles guidelines 

  • Word limit: 750 to 1500
  • Home decor articles must be written in such a manner that writers must be on the audience’s side and address their needs. For example, if you plan to do home decor, what will you look for—the items, prices, etc.? Thus, the articles should answer the practical needs of the readers.
  • Home Decor Write for Us writers can employ a conversational style of writing as well. But don’t combine everything in an article.
  • Articles should be written in an excellent and attention-grabbing manner.
  • Our platform supports unique articles, so kindly trust your knowledge, incorporate your skills, and create the article. Originality is always valuable.
  • “Write for Us” + Home Decor writers can check the uniqueness of their respective articles with the help of online plagiarism checker tools.
  • Grammar and vocabulary errors must be corrected before submission; we recommend the writers to use the Grammarly Premium application to rectify their errors.
  •  Home Decor + “Write for Us” articles shouldn’t contain any complicated sentences; simplicity is always appreciated.
  • The readability score of the home decor articles needs to be above 75. And the writers can also check their readability score via the Grammarly application. Don’t stuff too many sentences into a paragraph; try to split it into many parts. Paragraph formatting must be done.
  • To make our articles appear in the search results top pages, we need to do some SEO.
  • Articles must contain a combination of keywords; don’t stick only with the highly competitive ones.
  • Home Decor “Write for Us” writers must avoid stuffing keywords too often. If you plan to write the article for 1000 words, 10 to 11, keywords are enough.
  • After reaching 70 to 80 percent of the article, writers can attach the required internal and external links to the article.
  • Kindly don’t add too many links; it will increase the spam value of the article.

Benefits to the Home Decor + Write for Us writers

  • Our platform uses the newsletter option to send all our updates to our readers, and the guest post article will also be sent to their respective mail addresses, so the readers will get to read the articles without fail.
  • Write for Us+Home Decor writers will receive maximum credit and recognition for their works because their names will be published on our forum.

Topics to Write the Blogs

The writers are free to choose their desired topics. The topics must be relevant to the subject and should be engaging for the audience.

How shall one send the completed “Write for Us”+Home Decor posts?

One way to maximize the space in a small home is to use clever storage solutions. For example, use a wall rack to store holiday decorations out of the way. You can also use clever placement to make use of every inch of your home. For example, place a large tree in the center of the room rather than in the corner. Make same tips in your post and send us your post via email ([email protected]).

Conclusion on “Write for Us” + “Home Decor”

Finally, another way to make the most of a small home for any occasion is to use clever decoration. For example, use lots of small decorations to create a festive atmosphere. Alternatively, use clever lighting to create a special mood. Read details in our Write for Us + Home Decor Guest Post and share your feedback. Also, we thank the keen writers in advance who are willing to share their write-ups with us.

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