Write For Us + Football Guest Post: Look At These Guidelines To Write A Unique Guest Post Article!

About general informatiol Write For Us + Football Guest Post

In a clear and concise manner, the article explains how to write a Write for Us + Football Guest Post article that is SEO and readers friendly in nature.

Do you love to watch and cheer for your football team? Then do you have that extra talent to analyse the game and present it in the form of online writing? Then your voices are heard, and here comes the amazing Write for Us + Football Guest Post blogging opportunity.

About our website “artaids.com”

Our website is one of the most popular content-writing forums and has been delivering high-quality Football + Write for Us articles since its establishment. All our articles are published only after the mandatory fact-checking process, so all our works will be 100% authentic and trustworthy. 

Write for Us + Football writers Necessary Skill Sets and Experience

Football is a global game that unites the whole nation; thus, many businesses are involved in this sport, so many news stories and updates will be posted on the internet. But football has a darker side, and several rumours and scandals are emerging daily. So, we request the interested candidates to resolve themselves to burst out of the myths and share only authentic football news with our “Write for Us” + Football readers.

To carry over this topic, sports professionals like coaches, trainers, former players, regional players, etc., can present the article more professionally.

Irrespective of the profession, everyone must possess impeccable writing skills.

List of Reference Write for Us Football Topics

  • Rules and regulations of the football game in a more simplified manner
  • Injuries reported by popular football players
  • What is the upcoming international football season in 2023?
  • Views about the FIFA World Cup 2023 and its popularity: Who are the newcomers who got more recognition in FIFA matches?

Football Write for Us Articles Guidelines

  • Word limit: 500 to 1500. Mostly sports-related articles shouldn’t be dragging but should convey the points crisply and clearly.
  • While writing the articles, writers must use the technical terms perfectly, like ball carrier, bicycle kick, far post, goal mouth, inswinger, etc. Kindly make more efforts to share these kinds of terms.
  • As Write for Us+ Football articles will have international fans, many native English speakers will read the article, so kindly don’t make any grammatical errors.
  • Writers shouldn’t use any AI content writing applications or plagiarism techniques. Such articles can be easily found, so give us your own writings only.

“Write for Us” + Football articles SEO practises 

Since football is one of the most trending topics, the competition for the article is comparatively high. So, one essential trick to shining in the competition is using the SEO strategy. SEO includes many practices, but we would like to share the most important steps to be followed, and these steps can be easily done by any “Write for Us” + “Football” writers who don’t know SEO principles as well.

  • The first step in optimisation is keyword research; search engines are the best resource for finding keywords.
  • Choose 5 to 6 keywords for a 500-word article because using too many keywords will cause the entire process to collapse.
  • Title and header tags used will also have an effect.
  • Adding website internal and external hyperlinks will improve the article’s quality.

Benefits to the Football + “Write for Us” writers

  • The writers will get credit for their works because our platform won’t publish the article under the admin tag; instead, we only share the writer’s name.
  • Since all contents are more search engine-friendly, they can get higher SERP rankings.
  • The visibility of the article will be higher; thus, the reach and popularity of the article will be considerably greater.

How to submit the Football “Write for Us” articles?

The article needs to be sent to us via this mailing address [ [email protected]]


Thus, the guidelines mentioned above will surely aid the writers, not only for this guest blogging opportunity but also for their other writing careers. Because our guidelines are of a high standard, if the Write for Us + Football Guest Post writers tried to incorporate every guideline in their writing works, they would easily shine on their other Football themed works as well, so kindly incorporate all the guidelines without fail.

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