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Latest News Wilfredo Gonzales goes viral

A video has been turning into a web sensation on the web showing a bare man undermining a cyclist while pointing his firearm. The moment it was transferred, it turned into a web sensation leaving netizens paralyzed. The occurrence brought forth numerous viral images and posts via virtual entertainment. Wilfredo Gonzales goes viral.

The general population on different virtual entertainment stages is interested to realize what precisely occurred. As of late according to new reports, the man has been distinguished as Wilfredo Gonzales goes viral, a resigned police officer living in Quezon City, Philippines. In this way, minus any additional goodbye we should jump into the story and figure out what’s truly going on with the quarrel. Continue to scroll.

As expressed over, the man in the viral video is uncovered to be Wilfredo Gonzales. The resigned cop undermined an unarmed cyclist with a firearm over an uncontrollable anger quarrel. This caused him to get worldwide consideration, bringing forth numerous viral posts and images.

The video was shot by a spectator and later transferred via virtual entertainment. This brought about open shock and discussion over the way of behaving of people towards another individual.

he notorious episode occurred on 26th August 2023 on District Road in Quezon City. Mark Anthony Balagtas, the cyclist in the video expressed that he was riding on a bicycle when out of nowhere Gonzales cut him off with a firearm and began manhandling him.

In the video you can plainly see, Imprint is attempting to keep away from the battle yet Gonzales continues to guide a firearm toward his face, inciting him.

As the video became a web sensation, Wilfredo Gonzales goes viral up to police expert on 27th August where his permit to have weapons was disavowed. Moreover, on 28th August, his driving permit was additionally repudiated

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