What Happened to Nate Diaz? (Aug 2023) Nate Diaz Vs Jake Paul Who Won the Fight?

Latest News What Happened to Nate Diaz

What Happened to Nate Diaz? In a hard-battled and firmly challenged match, Jake Paul arose successful over Nate Diaz, getting a consistent choice from the adjudicators.

What has been going on with Nate Diaz?

What Happened to Nate Diaz, the amazing UFC contender, will be for all time related with Conor McGregor, and presently, his boxing vocation is definitely connected to Jake Paul. This Saturday on August 5, 2023 imprints Diaz’s expert boxing debut against Paul, a 26-year-old who acquired distinction as a web-based entertainment trickster prior to progressing to boxing. While Diaz acquired a committed following for his MMA abilities, easygoing disposition, and valiant nature, Paul was causing disturbances in the battle sports world, particularly in the domain of “powerhouse boxing.”

Paul’s change into a master fighter, devouring previous MMA stars, has been a huge trick, yet in addition a genuine test for his rivals. In spite of holding a record of 6-1, with prevails upon previous UFC and Bellator champions (and a NBA Sure thing champion), every one of his triumphs came against non-fighters, lacking involvement with the sweet science. In his latest session, Paul confronted a genuine fighter Tommy Fierceness and experienced his most memorable profession misfortune by split choice.

Nate Diaz Versus Jake Paul Who Won the Battle?

In an exceptionally expected matchup, web-based entertainment star turned fighter, Jake Paul, is set to confront previous UFC star Nate Diaz on Saturday night in Dallas. Diaz had been getting down on Paul in any event, during his experience with UFC, and presently, with his UFC contract behind him, he gets the potential chance to move up his words in the ring.

Following his most memorable profession misfortune to Tommy Anger in February, Paul is anxious to return and get back to his example of taking on previous MMA stars. The battle is planned as a 185-pound catchweight, with Diaz climbing in weight for the confrontation. All through his UFC vocation, Diaz had contended in both the lightweight and welterweight divisions.

Jake Paul Versus Nate Diaz Updates

This evening in Dallas, the exceptionally expected to box match between Jake Paul and What Happened to Nate Diaz, denoting Diaz’s most memorable battle since heading out in different directions from the UFC. Jake Paul, the famous YouTuber turned fighter, has fabricated a noteworthy 6-1 record as an expert as of late.

He got triumphs over MMA warriors, for example, Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley, the last option being a previous UFC champion. Paul additionally figured out how to overcome UFC legend Anderson Silva on focuses. Notwithstanding, in his latest battle, he encountered his most memorable loss, losing to Tommy Rage in an eagerly awaited session in Saudi Arabia. In spite of being wrecked during the battle, Rage arose victorious on focuses.

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