What Happened to Alix Dorsainvil? (Aug 2023) Kidnapping of American Nurse and Child in Haiti

Latest News What Happened to Alix Dorsainvil

What Happened to Alix Dorsainvil? Find out about the sad occasion of Alix Dorsainvil, a medical caretaker from New Hampshire, and her youngster being hijacked in Haiti, as specialists and the local area look for their protected return in the midst of the overall dangers in the country.

Who is Alix Dorsainvil?

What Happened to Alix Dorsainvil is a merciful and committed nurture initially from Middleton, New Hampshire. In the wake of visiting Haiti not long after the 2010 tremor, she experienced passionate feelings for individuals and kept on visiting the country during parts from school and summers.

Alix moved on from Regis School in Massachusetts, where she was engaged with a nursing training support program for Haiti. Her enthusiasm for serving others drove her to self-reserve excursions to Haiti to give care and love to those out of luck. In 2020, she turned into a staff part at El return for capital invested Haiti as a school nurture and later wedded Sandro Dorsainvil, the pioneer and overseer of El return for money invested Foundation.

What has been going on with Alix Dorsainvil?

On Thursday morning, Alix Dorsainvil, alongside her youngster, succumbed to a grabbing occurrence at El return on initial capital investment Haiti Effort Global’s grounds close to Port-au-Sovereign. As per reports, equipped men effectively entered the little block facility where Alix filled in as a medical caretaker and kidnapped her. The crooks have supposedly requested a robust payoff of $1 million for her delivery.

This sad occasion happened in the midst of the overarching grabbing for-benefit emergency and common agitation in Haiti, driving the U.S. State Division to give a harsh “don’t travel” warning for the country. The circumstance stays tense as specialists and concerned parties work to get Alix and her youngster’s protected return.

Alix Dorsainvil Missing

As of the most recent accessible data, Alix Dorsainvil, alongside her kid, is missing in the wake of being abducted from El return for money invested Haiti Effort Worldwide’s grounds close to Port-au-Sovereign. The episode happened on Thursday morning, and her whereabouts stay obscure.

Specialists and concerned parties are effectively attempting to get their protected return, and the circumstance has incited the U.S. State Division to issue a “don’t travel” warning for Haiti because of the overarching dangers of seizing, wrongdoing, common distress, and unfortunate medical services foundation in the country. The people group and the not-for-profit association she worked for are looking for petitions and backing during this difficult time.

Alix Dorsainvil Spouse

Sandro Dorsainvil is the spouse of Alix Dorsainvil and holds a critical job as the organizer and overseer of El return on initial capital investment Institute. He had a difficult childhood in the ruined and brutality stricken Citè Soleil area of Port-au-Ruler. In spite of the difficulties, Sandro’s assurance drove him to self-learn English and Spanish, which at last opened ways to deciphering valuable open doors, including work for a reception organization.

In the wake of finishing secondary school in Montana and moving on from Freedom College in 2018, he subscribed to an honorable objective – laying out El return for capital invested Foundation. This instructive foundation is devoted to giving open training to the Haitian people group, meaning to elevate and enable the existences of the oppressed in the area.

Alix Dorsainvil Youngster

What Happened to Alix Dorsainvil, whose character stays undisclosed, was unfortunately captured close by her mom from El return on initial capital investment Haiti Effort Worldwide’s grounds. The specific age and name of the youngster have not been unveiled.

This troubling occurrence happened on Thursday morning, making gigantic concern and stress for the security and prosperity of both mother and youngster. As the specialists and the local area proceed with their endeavors to get their protected return, the circumstance remains profoundly delicate and testing.

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