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Heb je al gehoord over de “Zwarte Loonwerker Snapchat Video jelmer van oenen” van Jelmer van Oenen? Deze video is niet zomaar een gewone post operation virtual entertainment; het is een fenomeen dat heel Nederland heeft veroverd.

Wie is Zwarte Loonwerker Snapchat ?

Quite possibly of the greatest rising star via virtual entertainment in the Netherlands is a young fellow named Jelmer van Oenen, better known by his web-based persona Zwarte Loonwerker Snapchat Video jelmer van oenen. The 22-year-old from Overijssel has acquired a gigantic following on stages like TikTok and Facebook for his comical recordings talking in a thick local Sallands tongue.

Zwarte Loonwerker initially began acquiring prevalence when Jelmer started posting short amusing clasps on Facebook utilizing areas of strength for the discourse examples and manners of speaking from where he grew up. A portion of his most notable slogans incorporate platitudes like “heng,” “donders mooi,” and “dooooeeezend klompen demeanor jong.” While Dutch has become more normalized in late many years, these recordings commend the local variety of lingo that actually exists in various towns and towns.

Wat is er te zien in de Zwarte Loonwerker video’s?

The Zwarte Loonwerker recordings stand apart for displaying the rich Sallands lingo spoken in Jelmer’s old neighborhood. In each clasp, he talks with a thick, misrepresented highlight and uses very district explicit expressions and shoptalk. For those new to the area, his discourse can sound practically incomprehensible now and again.

One of the most notable components of Zwarte Loonwerker Snapchat Video jelmer van oenen. In numerous recordings he opens with his brand name “heng,” lets out an excited “donders mooi!,” or shouts “dooooeeezend klompen demeanor jong!” These remarkable platitudes have become inside messes with his adherents. While silly, they additionally show the way that assorted and vivid the different Dutch vernaculars can sound.

The setting of the recordings likewise stresses Jelmer’s country roots. He frequently films scraps strolling through the open country, sitting on a work vehicle, or going about everyday ranch errands. Basic things like taking care of the pigs or baling roughage become engaging when described in a beyond absurd vernacular. By embracing his commonplace foundation, Zwarte Loonwerker gives adherents an inside take a gander at life a long way from the clamoring Randstad.

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