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At the point when Video Tony Rosado Puerto Maldonado made that big appearance in Puerto Maldonado the evening of October 17,

nobody envisioned that this show would end in a humiliating exhibition of chauvinist savagery that is costing the famous cumbia artist sincerely.

Video Tony Rosado Puerto Maldonado

As of late, a video has been generally spread on informal organizations showing cumbia vocalist Tony Rosado featuring in a humiliating episode during a show in the city of Puerto Maldonado. The stunning pictures have created a rush of analysis and judgment of the craftsman’s way of behaving.

The episode happened on October 17 while Tony Rosado was performing at a club called “El Bosque” in the La Pampa locale. At one point in the show, a young lady came in front of an audience supported by the performer, who proposed to give her an instance of lager in the event that she consented to remove her clothing and give it to Tony Rosado.

Tony Rosado video subtleties

The video showing vocalist Video Tony Rosado Puerto Maldonado disrobing a lady during a show in Puerto Maldonado has produced shock and judgment. The occurrence happened on October 17 during a show at a setting called “El Bosque.”

In the video, which immediately spread on interpersonal organizations, you can perceive how Rosado partakes in what gives off an impression of being a challenge coordinated by the hosts of the occasion. A lady comes in front of an audience and the performer offers to give her an instance of lager on the off chance that she removes her clothing and hands it to Tony Rosado.

Response to Tony Rosado’s video

The questionable Video Tony Rosado Puerto Maldonado is seen stripping a lady in the show has released shock and judgment from various specialists and associations.

The Pastor of Ladies, Nancy Tolentino, communicated her unequivocal dismissal of this sort of act that abuses the poise of ladies and declared that her area will make a legitimate move against the vocalist. Tolentino underlined that this episode is a reasonable illustration of viciousness against ladies that ought not go on without serious consequences.

Moreover, the Ombudsman’s Office gave an assertion requesting that the Examiner’s Office start an examination to rebuff the assault. They featured that this occasion happened in a space with high paces of illegal exploitation and double-dealing, and asked not to additionally standardize these ways of behaving.

Foundation of Tony Rosado

Sadly, this isn’t the primary episode of this kind including Tony Rosado. The vocalist has a long history of embarrassments and allegations of brutal and debasing way of behaving towards ladies.

In his exhibitions, Rosado normally has a collection that incorporates verses that externalize ladies and makes references. All through his vocation he has been condemned for advancing sexism through his music, however he has not adjusted this sort of satisfied.

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