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In a dim corner of online entertainment, a Video Del Muchacho Q Los Amigos Lo Traicionaron, Colombia, shaken.

The awfulness of January 21 in Cúcuta

January 21 turned into a pivotal day for the city of Cúcuta, Norte de Santander, seeing extraordinary viciousness that left the local area plunged with sickening dread. Andrés Alberto Sosa Perdomo, a 22-year-old young fellow, turned into the casualty of an assault that shook the groundworks of day to day serenity. The brutality of the savagery showed that day left permanent scars in the aggregate memory, denoting a when in the impression of safety in the city.

The assault that Andrés Alberto Sosa Perdomo endured was past the impossible. In a Video Del Muchacho Q Los Amigos Lo Traicionaron, upsetting secretive shock that courses on interpersonal organizations, the mercilessness of three men who approach the casualty is clear. Without saying a word, one of them starts to wound Andrés in excess of multiple times in the chest, midsection, back and head. While they were executing the appalling demonstration, others held the person in question and recorded the scene, giving free rein to a coldhearted demonstration.

The substance of the video of the kid whose companions sold out him secretive shock

The video of the kid who was sold out by his companions secretive shock of the deceived kid submerges watchers in a disastrous scene. The scene happens in obscurity roads of Cúcuta, where three dismal figures approach Andrés Alberto Sosa Perdomo, a 22-year-old young fellow. The roughness of the substance is clear, since one of the men, all of a sudden, starts to wound Andrés with a blade. The person in question, unprotected, is encircled by his alleged companions, who, a long way from giving assistance, propagate the pitiless assault. The crudeness of the pictures has a permanent effect on the people who set out to observe the unmistakable treachery in each casing of the video.

Response on Informal communities and Contention Name: “Ridiculous video of sold out companions”

The scattering of the Video Del Muchacho Q Los Amigos Lo Traicionaron, secretive shock of double-crossed companions, has caused a flood of fortitude and shock on interpersonal organizations. Clients of different stages express their shock at the mercilessness of the demonstration, sharing messages of help for the group of Andrés Alberto Sosa Perdomo. Sympathy shows itself as remarks, messages of fortitude and the utilization of hashtags that try to make the misfortune apparent. The virtual local area, as one, joins to disavow treachery and request equity in the interest of the person in question.

Online shock converts into major areas of strength for a for equity. Gatherings and virtual activists utilize the organizations as an amplifier to request an exhaustive examination and the recognizable proof of those capable. The name “video of the kid whose companions sold out him in strange shock” turns into a cry of dissent, enhancing the earnestness for the specialists to act and tackle this wrongdoing. Computerized preparation is changed into a development that requests responsibility and features the need to address viciousness from all aspects.

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