[Watch Video] Video de cristian cueva y pamela franco el aeropuerto

Latest News Video de cristian cueva y pamela franco el aeropuerto

The new Video de cristian cueva y pamela franco el aeropuerto in a caring demeanor has caused a genuine media seismic tremor in Peru.

Video by Cristian Cueva and Pamela Franco

The new Video de cristian cueva y pamela franco el aeropuerto has released an extraordinary embarrassment and discussion in the Peruvian diversion world. The video shows Cueva and Franco in a caring mentality during Another Year’s festival, which has caused the partition between the competitor and his significant other Pamela López after over 12 years of marriage.

López made public the conclusion of his friendship with Cueva through a proclamation in which he demonstrated that he had settled on the choice “after a progression of deplorable occasions” that he would later show with proof. Said varying media material was communicated on Magaly Medina’s program, creating a wide range of responses among the devotees of those included.

Cueva faced about the video at the air terminal

At the point when moved toward by the press at the Jorge Chávez air terminal when he was getting ready to venture out to Spain for an activity, Cristian Cueva tried not to allude to the dubious video and took off to keep away from inquiries regarding his supposed unfaithfulness to Pamela López.

“Are you insane?” Was the possibly expression the footballer figured out how to say when straightforwardly interrogated regarding whether he had been backstabbing to his significant other with Pamela Franco. His shocked response and his refusal to pronounce anything regarding the matter left more inquiries concerning it.

Sequence of the video of Cristian Cueva and Pamela Franco

As per the examination of the Magaly Medina program, the disputable video of Cueva and Franco would have been kept during Another Year’s festival in Trujillo on January 1, 2019, the date when both were in said northern city.

At first, Video de cristian cueva y pamela franco el aeropuerto, who kept in touch with her to tell her that they had seen her significant other still with the vocalist in a caring mentality. Said material was subsequently gotten by the Magaly television group.

Affirmation of the connection among Cueva and Franco

Among the proof delivered by Pamela López to affirm the undercover sentiment between her actually spouse and the vocalist Pamela Franco, a few bank moves stick out, for example, a store of 280 soles that Cueva would have made to Franco through a middle person.

Moreover, López straightforwardly went up against Franco by calling her from Cueva’s phone. In this phone discussion, the trust between the two is obvious, since the cumbiambera answers promptly to the soccer player. At the point when she understands that she is Cueva’s significant other, Franco denies any association with him.

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