Soulja Boy Metro Boomin- Verbal Spat between Savage 21 and Draco!

Latest News Soulja Boy Metro Boomin

The article gives information about Soulja Boy Metro Boomin, and details on his Father, Mother and Age. 


  • Soulja Boy is an American rapper who was trolled online for talking about Boomin’s mother, who is dead already. 
  • People Worldwide are curious to know about the verbal spat that happened between Soulja Boy Metro Boomin and why the latest controversy gathered LimeLight. 
  • Soulja Boy wished Metro on Mother’s Day as a personal attack. However, Metro has yet to respond to anything. 
  • Savage 21, another rapper, supported Metro, and he hit back at Soulja Boy for his offending remark.

Soulja Boy Metro Boomin

Soulja Boy is facing backlash from several artists online for dragging Metro’s mother, who is dead,  through an online post. Scienceware in this pleasure after they came across the ugly spat that took place on Sunday. The matter escalated when Metro commented on one of the past posts of Soulja Boy from 2012. 

About Soulja Boy Metro Boomin

People who came across the post condemned Soulja Boy for his hateful remarks, and they said it was not the correct way to respond to a hate comment. They came in support of Metro Boomin. However, the rapper has just reacted to something, and people are waiting for his reaction. 

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Soulja Boy Wikipedia 

Full Name  DeAndre Cortez Way
Date of birth 28 July, 1990
Place of birth Atlanta 
Age  33 years 
Profession  Rapper 
Marital status  Unmarried 
Relationship Status  Present
Nationality  American 
Ethnicity  African – American 
Zodiac sign  Leo 

Metro Boomin Father

There are very few details about Metro Boomin’s father, as he had never been together with the family. His father’s name is not disclosed publicly, and we do not have many details about his family; we only know his mother, who raised him and his other siblings. 

Metro had a passion for music since he was in his early years, and his mother supported him in pursuing his music career. There are no details of his father, and neither Metro nor himself has talked about him publicly at any event. There were also questions about his father after his mother died in June 2022. 

Metro Boomin Mom

Metro Boomin Mom

Metro Boomin faced a significant surprise when he came to know about his mother’s death in 2022. It was said that his mother was brutally murdered by her husband, who was not his biological father. The reason behind the murder has not been disclosed yet, but it left the family shattered, especially Metro, who was very close to his mother. Soulja Boy Metro Boomin controversy was related to his mom.

Metro shared his disappointment through his Instagram story, where he mentioned loving and respecting parents while they are still with people. In the tragic event, the man who killed his mother also committed suicide after he killed Metro’s mother. Metro further talked about his present and said that crying every day has become a new normal for him. 

Metro Boomin Age

Metro Boomin is 30 years old, and the young rapper has started his career in music since he was 16 years old. He has a unique music style, and he is on the list of influential producers of hip-hop and trap music. The recent controversy did not go down well with the viewers, and they are waiting for his response. 

People who are unaware of the recent events that have taken place regarding Metro Boomin’s mother can find the details on online platforms. 

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