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The three chilling words “Send Da Video Anthony Edwards” soared Anthony Edwards to web notoriety basically short-term. In only days, the Minnesota Timberwolves’ growing whiz decayed from ball’s man representing things to come into just a hard zinger.

The “Send Da Video” Debate Encompassing Anthony Edwards

On December seventeenth, 2023, a progression of spilled instant messages between Minnesota Timberwolves shooting watch Anthony Edwards and an anonymous lady started shock via virtual entertainment. The messages showed Edwards compelling the lady, supposedly an Instagram model he had gotten pregnant, to get an abortion.In the messages, Edwards demands “can’t do dis” and tells the lady “get a fetus removal haha.” When she requests cash to do as such, he answers “Send da video” – requesting she send him video verification that she has taken early termination pills before he will pay her.The messages became a web sensation in the wake of being shared on Twitter, with the “Send Da Video Anthony Edwards” state drawing specific analysis. In practically no time, Edwards’ messages had been shared a huge number of times, with many ridiculing his way of behaving.

Who is Anthony Edwards?

Anthony Edwards Jr. is a 21-year-old American expert b-ball player. Brought into the world in Atlanta, Georgia, Edwards played one year of school b-ball for the Georgia Bulldogs prior to being drafted first in general in the 2020 NBA draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves.In his young profession, Edwards has proactively arisen as one of the NBA’s most splendid rising stars, satisfying his number 1 draft charging. In his sophomore 2022-2023 season, he arrived at the midpoint of 24.7 places, 6 bounce back and 4.6 helps per game while being named a NBA Elite player for the main time.Edwards is noted for his physicality and ability to score, equipped for aerobatic dunks and scoring eruptions. He marked a 5-year most extreme agreement expansion in October 2023 worth up to $181 million.

The Viral Message: Unloading the “Send Da Video” Embarrassment

As per the Instagram client who released the messages, recognized simply by the handle @dreampaige, she and Edwards met on Instagram around early December 2023. Subsequent to engaging in sexual relations, the lady thought of herself as pregnant, alarming Edwards over message message.As confirmed by the now popular screen captures, Edwards answered brutally. “Damnation nawl can’t do dis,” he composed, prior to demanding “get a fetus removal haha.” When the lady requested cash to do as such, Edwards answered “Send Da Video Anthony Edwards,” requesting video confirmation of her taking early termination pills before he would pay her.The messages likewise show Edwards offering $100,000 in the event that the lady finished the fetus removal. She in the end did – giving a screen capture of Edwards wiring the cash, alongside video of her taking pills.

Anthony Edwards’ Public Reaction to the “Send Da Video” Objection

On December eighteenth, 2023, Anthony Edwards gave an assertion because of the spilled texts on his Twitter account. Edwards wrote:”I offered remarks in the intensity of a second that are not me, and that are not lined up with what I accept and who I need to be as a man. All ladies ought to be upheld and enabled to settle on their own conclusions about their bodies and what is best for them. I’m taking care of my own issues secretly and won’t remark on them any further at this time.”Many felt his expression of remorse appeared to be lacking given the seriousness of the circumstance. A few examiners studied the phrasing as a PR-made explanation as opposed to a valid reflection. It stayed muddled whether Edwards got a handle on the full ramifications of his activities or basically looked to hide any hint of failure.

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