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Read the Robert de Niro Girlfriend Age article for complete news on Robert de Niro’s relationship and his new girlfriend.

Robert de Niro fans and people were surprised to learn the aged actor became a father at the right moment. Are you one of such fans looking for details of his girlfriend? Do you want to learn more about the Academy winner, Robert de Niro? Then stay tuned to the article for more information.

Worldwide netizens have blown up search engines to learn about the fact. After a thorough search on online platforms, we found some news related to Tiffany Chen and Robert de Niro’s relationship. We have gathered précised news of Robert de Niro Girlfriend Age and his early relationships. Read the complete article without distraction.

Why is Robert de Niro in the news?

In a recent interview with Robert in ET Canada, the senior actor revealed that he became a father to his seventh child at 79 years old. The actor attended an interview for his new film “About My Father” and surprised people with the news. The actor has not revealed the mother of his seventh child.

Tiffany Chen, 45 years old martial professional, worked with Robert de Niro in “The Intern” film. People are searching on the Internet to know about Robert de Niro Current Girlfriend. Let us have a look at the news about his girlfriend.

How can we conclude their relationship?

After the Intern film, Robert and Chen are found to be in a relationship as per sources. The couple was found enjoying vacations in South France with a few friends on a yacht. A few photos of the couple holding hands are circulating on online sources.

As per sources, media has caught the couple walking out of Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Saint Monica in March 2023 with Harvey Keitel and Billy Crystal, who refused to snap with Robert and Chen. 

Let us dig out details about Robert de Niro Current Wife in his biography.

Robert de Niro Biography

  • Name: Robert Anthony De Niro Jr.
  • Age: 79 years
  • Date of birth: August 17, 1943
  • Occupation: Actor and producer
  • Wife: As per sources, Diahnne  Abbot in 1976 and divorced in 1988, and Grace Hightower in 1977 and divorced in 2018.
  • Girlfriend: Tiffany Chen
  • Children: seven children, including Drena and Raphael
  • Net worth: $500 million
  • Awards: Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and Presidential Award from Barack Obama in 2016.

Is Robert de Niro Still Alive?

The above question is swirling on the Internet after the blow of shocking news. Netizens are searching for their life status. Robert de Niro started his acting career in 1963 till present. The actor met his girlfriend during the “Intern” film, and Chen opened up about her feelings about the people around her in an interview with “Inside Kung Fu Magazine.” 

Let us also look into the personal details of Tiffany Chen in short. To learn about Chen, read the below section.

  • Name: Tiffany Chen
  • Date of Birth: not known
  • Age: 45 years old.
  • Occupation: Martial arts instructor.
  • Origin: New York.

Robert de Niro Girlfriend Age

Netizens are getting confused with the age of Tiffany Chen, Robert de Niro’s girlfriend. Another film producer with the same name is popular in China. Chen entered in martial arts competition at the age of 16 in 1994. Chen has excelled in her art and won several gold medals.

In 2021 when Robert de Niro celebrated his 78th birthday with Tiffany Chen, a martial instructor from New York, they blew their relationship. Details of Tiffany Chen are not available on the Internet.


In the article, we have informed Robert de Niro Girlfriend Age, Tiffany Chen. Robert has spilt up from his 30 years of married life with his ex-wife Grace Hightower, and in 2021, his relationship with Tiffany was revealed. The Lifetime Achievement Award winner has surprised the world by becoming a father in old age. Click here for more information on Robert de Niro’s girlfriend

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Robert de Niro Girlfriend Age FAQS

Q1. Who is Robert de Niro?

Robert de Niro is a popular American actor.

Q2. Who is Robert de Niro’s girlfriend?

Tiffany Chen, a martial instructor, is his girlfriend.

Q3. What is the age of Tiffany Chen?

Tiffany Chen is 45 years old.

Q4. When did Robert de Niro speak out about his fatherhood?

In the ET Canada interview, Robert de Niro surprised the world with his upcoming film “About My Father.”

Q5. When did the couple meet?

Robert met Chen in 2015 during shooting the film “The Intern.”

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