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A video on the web is creating a ruckus as it shows infamous Venezuelan medication master Reinaldo Fuentes Campos Viral popular as El Taliban. Reinaldo Fuentes Campos’ video has welcomed a tempest on the web on the grounds that the video portrays the medication master being tossed into the sea alive.

Indeed, you heard it right, El Taliban’s viral video shows him being tossed over the edge while adrift. Subsequent to watching the Venezuelan medication ruler being tossed alive into the ocean while his hand and legs were tied, individuals left upset, presently assuming control over the web to investigate the matter and realize what has been going on with Reinaldo Fuentes Campos Viral.

Reinaldo Fuentes Campos Video

The continuous upsetting viral video shows the supposed Venezuelan medication master Reinaldo Fuentes Campos on board an orange boat in the ocean prior to being tossed into the water and left to suffocate. Apparently, this video was at first posted on Twitter. The viral Twitter video likewise portrays Reinaldo Fuentes Campos’ options and feet being limited and an anchor was around his midriff when he was thrown over the edge.

In the viral video of Reinaldo Fuentes Campos, prior to being tossed into the water, Reinaldo Fuentes Campos was gazing at the individual who was making a video of him when he was lying on the outer layer of the boat. Then Reinaldo Fuentes Campos was gotten and thrown over the side of the boat close to Martinique into the Caribbean Ocean. The Venezuelan medication master was then left to suffocate in the ocean. Who was the individual who recorded Reinaldo Fuentes Campos Viral and tossed him into the water?

At this point, it isn’t realized who is the other man in the video including the man holding the camera. Behind the scenes, the man can be heard saying ‘Ensure none of our appearances should be visible’ and ‘he has no real way to save himself’. Discussing Reinaldo Fuentes Campos, is a medication dealer otherwise called ‘Taliban’ from Venezuela. Starting around 2023, Fuentes is 68 years of age. He was purportedly connected to medicate dealing among Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. Likewise, he likewise supposedly took cash and 450 pounds of cocaine from a cartel.

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