{Watch} Raquel Leviss At Bethenny Frankel’s Podcast: Leaked on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Telegram

Latest News Raquel Leviss At Bethenny Frankel’s Podcast

On a web recording show, as of late Raquel Leviss At Bethenny Frankel’s Podcast. Bethenny Frankel took the meeting. On the webcast show, the couple talked about Sandoval.

In this way, the web recording video of Raquel Leviss with Bethenny Frankel has circulated around the web the whole way across the online entertainment stages like Twitter, Reddit. Yet again since the webcast is currently moving, Raquel Leviss’ undertaking with Tom Sandoval has gotten the notice of individuals.

For over 10 years, Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval were in a heartfelt connection. Nonetheless, Tom Sandoval went behind Ariana Madix’s back with Raquel Leviss. Raquel Leviss At Bethenny Frankel’s Podcast Madix were companions even before the issue started.

It’s been a few months, and Raquel and Sandoval are in a close connection with one another. During the meeting, when Raquel unveiled her undertaking, fans went off the deep end to watch the digital recording.

Bethenny Frankel Web recording Video on Raquel Leviss Issue: WATCH HERE

hen Tom Sandoval left Ariana, subsequent to dating for 10 years, fans showed ceaseless unsettling. Nonetheless, later Tom Sandoval came into a relationship with Raquel Leviss regardless of confronting a tremendous reaction from fans. The pair cooperated for shooting the season 10 gathering too. Afterward, Raquel was spotted going into a psychological wellness office touched off inquiries regarding her future with her accomplice, Tom.

On 16 August 2023, Raquel Leviss showed up on the Bethenny Frankel web recording. Bethenny Frankel and Raquel Leviss had an exceptionally certified discussion at the show.

During the meeting, Raquel Leviss At Bethenny Frankel’s Podcast told the questioner, Bethenny Frankel, “For what reason am I picking inaccessible man? For what reason do I continue to wind up in undesirable connections? What are the things that I want to change about my way of behaving?’ And in realizing that I expected to roll out an improvement, I previously needed to understand what it was that prompted those ways of behaving.”

Post the webcast, fans went to online entertainment. Some answered emphatically though some answered adversely also. A few fans upheld her side of the story. The rest accepted that Leviss need to find out more. Nonetheless, most of fans called the meeting, difficult.

Raquel unveils that she made an effort not to cooperate with the media and press when the insight about her undertaking broke., She attempted to get herself far from the spotlight. At the point when the report about the undertaking broke, things were clearly and tumultuous. Accordingly, she acknowledged her approach to managing what is going on.


1.Who as of late showed up on a digital recording with Bethenny Frankel?

Raquel Leviss as of late showed up on a web recording facilitated by Bethenny Frankel.

2.What was examined in the digital recording with Raquel Leviss and Bethenny Frankel?

During the web recording, Raquel and Bethenny Frankel talked about Raquel’s undertaking with Tom Sandoval, which has earned consideration because of their close connection.

3.How did Raquel’s relationship with Tom Sandoval begin?

Raquel and Tom Sandoval started their close connection after Tom left a drawn out relationship with Ariana Madix, igniting both interest and reaction from fans.

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