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In a turn of stunning occasions, a video rose up out of Rajasthan Pratapgarh viral video which has created a ruckus in the country.

The viral video shows a lady being strutted in the town without garments. A lady in the Pratapgarh region of Rajasthan was beaten, stripped, and marched by her better half. This occurrence became exposed when a video of the stunning episode was posted on YouTube. Presently this video has assumed control over the web by storm and provoked the specialists to make serious moves against the culprits. Likewise, a political conflict likewise emitted over this occurrence.

The resistance has been focusing on the decision party for this heartless way of behaving of individuals in the state toward ladies. Assuming you are likewise scrambling to the web to know the subtleties of the Rajasthan Pratapgarh viral video, this article is for you. In the accompanying segments of this article, we have made sense of all that we gained from the specialists who are investigating this matter.

Rajasthan Pratapgarh Viral Video Connection

Supposedly, the one who was beaten and stripped out in the open is an ancestral lady. The lady’s better half and parents in law are liable for this terrible occurrence. In a town in Rajasthan Pratapgarh viral video, an ancestral lady was strutted exposed in the town. She was strutted clothless as well as beaten severely. This stunning occurrence involves Pratapgarh area’s Dhariawad town. It has been several days since this occurrence occurred. As indicated by the reports, this occurrence occurred on Monday. The news turned the eyeball and turned into a worry for the whole state when the video of the occurrence became a web sensation via online entertainment. This occurrence has taken a political turn too. The central pastor of the state likewise has made some noise freely about this episode.

The video of the occurrence turned the eyeballs on Friday when a video of the lady crying in misery with her garments torn away by a man and individuals in the city of the town seeing her, became visible on Friday. At this point, the video has been watched by a large number of individuals via virtual entertainment creating a ruckus and a public commotion. The central clergyman of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot has answered the viral video of the ancestral lady and requested to make a severe move against the mindful.

Rajasthan Pratapgarh Viral Video Message, Twitter

CM Gehlot took to his Twitter account at 11:27 pm and expounded on the occurrence in which the lady’s parents in law stripped her over a debate. He further added that he requested the DGP to send ADG wrongdoing Dinesh MN to the town and make a severe move. His tweet peruses, “In Pratapgarh locale, a video of a lady being stripped exposed by her parents in law over a debate between her family and her parents in law has surfaced. The chief general of police has been told to send ADG wrongdoing to recognize and make the strictest move in this.” The CM said there is a bad situation for such lawbreakers in the public eye.

The CM stringently denounced the demonstration of the lady’s better half and her parents in law. In any case, his assertion came after the resistance went after the decision party over the absence of ladies’ wellbeing in the state. After CM’s structure, the state police shared a proclamation on Friday, September 1, 2023, to demonstrate that both the blamed and the casualty were individuals for an ancestral family. Police additionally expressed that the primary blamed for the situation is the previous father by marriage of the casualty who is connected with other relatives too. Swipe down the page and read the reason why the spouse of the lady marched her stripped in the town.

Rajasthan Pratapgarh Viral Video Occurrence

It is said that the lady was supposedly involved with one more man and she likewise absconded with the other man. DGP Umesh Mishra said eight individuals are charged for the situation and they have been recognized also. All the blamed would be arrested soon, said DGP Mishra. The IGP of Banswara, S Parimala said SP Amit Kumar-drove group has been shipped off capture every one of the guilty parties associated with the episode.

The media scrutinized the state police, “For what reason did they postpone capturing individuals?” The police said they became mindful of the matter after a video of the episode began surrounding via web-based entertainment. Presently an escalated examination has been sent off and a strike activity is likewise in progress in the town and its close by regions. This is a creating story, more subtleties are to come out very soon.

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