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This article examines the viral notoriety of web humorist “Prank on my step sister video alex keeler” TikTok video in which he tricks his step sister.

Alex Keeler Posts Trick Video with Step Sister

TikTok character Alex Keeler as of late transferred a trick video including his step sister that has in no time turned into a web sensation across virtual entertainment stages. The video, named “Prank on my step sister video alex keeler,” shows Keeler playing a trick on his clueless step sister.

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As per Social Edge, Keeler has north of 880,000 supporters on TikTok, showing areas of strength for a watcher base even prior to posting this eye catching trick. The video was transferred to Keeler’s TikTok account @kameleonswimlifestyle on September sixteenth, 2023. It immediately got some momentum, getting more than 1,900 preferences and 80 remarks from entertained watchers.

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Alex Keeler’s Trick Video Rapidly Builds up some decent forward movement

The provocative title of Keeler’s most recent trick video filled its need of captivating TikTok clients to snap and watch. As per Sumo information, in something like 24 hours the video had been seen more than 700,000 times by charmed watchers who needed to see Keeler’s trick on his clueless step sister.

The TikTok calculation got on major areas of strength for the watcher commitment with the interesting trick film. Subsequently, Keeler’s TikTok account sees have expanded by 210k over the most recent 30 days as per Social Edge gauges, generally credited to this specific trick video becoming a web sensation.

What is in the Trick Video of Alex Keeler and His Step Sister

The reason of Keeler’s well known trick is straightforward – he takes cover behind a corner and leaps out to frighten his step sister when she passes by the passage. The recording shows Keeler unobtrusively scheming two or three companions, smothering laughs while they set up the trick.

At the point when Keeler’s clueless step sister strolls down the passage, he jumps out and shouts “Gotcha!” surprising her totally. She lets out a noisy screech of shock, almost bouncing five feet very high prior to understanding she’s been tricked by her wicked step sibling.

The uncover shows Keeler and his associates blasting into giggling at the fruitful trick while Keeler’s step sister pulls it together, looking irritated however wearing a smile once she remembers she’s been gotten on camera. Prank on my step sister video alex keeler.

Alex Keeler Transfers Follow Up Kin Trick Video

Enjoying some real success on the flood of prominence for his unique step sister trick, web humorist Alex Keeler transferred a subsequent video only days after the fact portraying significantly more trick film on a kin. Transferred to Keeler’s Instagram account @padreotv, the subsequent video is named “Kin Trick” and shows new points of Keeler executing tricks to frighten his step sister.

The extra film portrays Keeler’s step sister sitting in a front room when he creeps up behind the lounge chair and unexpectedly springs up hollering. The video uncovers the trick according to her point of view, showing her shouting and tumbling off the lounge chair in shock.

Where to Track down Alex Keeler’s Step Sister Trick Recordings

For those hoping to watch Alex Keeler’s eminent step sister trick film, the first popular TikTok video can be seen on his TikTok account @kameleonswimlifestyle. The video has amassed over 1.9 million perspectives since being transferred on September sixteenth, 2023 with the misleading content title “Tricking My Step-Sister.”

Keeler additionally posted beneficial film of the trick accumulation from various points on his Instagram account @padreotv. The subsequent clasp offers extra crazy response shots of Keeler startling his step sister through an intricate arranged trick.

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