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Melissa Paredes Video is a notable entertainer who has been in recordings like “Dos Hermanas” (2020), “Ojitos Hechiceros” (2018), and “Is He My Sweetheart?” (2019).

She went on television again to discuss the embarrassment encompassing her relationship and her separation from Rodrigo Cuba. Melissa Paredes Video was a visitor on the show “En Boca de Tasks,” where she responded to inquiries concerning her relationship with Anthony Aranda and the troublesome separation processes with Rodrigo Cuba. In October 2021, Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba had their most memorable battle about her kinship with Anthony Aranda, which was intended to keep her safe.

Yet, as time continued and their separation was concluded, the case changed course. It is presently about who gets care of their most youthful youngster, whose potential consequences for their s_xual respectability are being investigated. Various objections have been made, and previous pastors and the Service of Ladies and Weak Populaces are involved. This has pointed out a ton of the place of their kid. Concerns have been made about the kid’s openness in the media, which could prompt an adjustment of Melissa and Rodrigo’s legitimate care. Melissa’s lawful circumstance has deteriorated in view of various things, for example, issues with changing the kid’s guardianship game plan, the Public Service’s solicitation that the youngster take a Gesell camera test, and cases of blackmail and harm connected with s_xual reimbursement.

On June 13, Rodrigo Cuba announced Melissa Paredes to the police for coercion and dangers. This was a major change in the story. Melissa said that Rodrigo had altered the manner in which their 4-year-old girl pondered sxual assent. This prompted the circumstance. Rodrigo, who goes by the name “Gato,” said that Melissa constrained him to do what she needed. Melissa said that her charges depended on an admission their little girl had made, which Melissa had gotten on record and intended to use as evidence of her cases.

Magaly Medina requested that lawyer Karla Viso discuss the convoluted case on her show so she could make sense of what was happening. The legal counselor depicted the possibility of sxual repayment by saying that it implies a kid younger than 18 can differentiate among good and bad, similar to a not kid to contact an attachment since the person realizes it is hazardous. With regards to sxual assent, a youngster probably hit a specific degree of mental improvement to comprehend giving assent.

In light of Melissa Paredes Video‘ serious allegations and the presence of the Service of Ladies (MIMP), the Public Service began investigating Rodrigo Cuba for a potential rpe wrongdoing. Rosario Sasieta and Ana Jara, both of whom used to be priests, stood in opposition to the circumstance. They were stressed that the minor’s security had been attacked and said that individuals included ought to be investigated rapidly. Ana Jara likewise said that she was sorry Melissa hadn’t documented a lawbreaker report the correct way. She pushed how significant it is for a parent or watchman to follow the right advances when they figure out a wrongdoing has been perpetrated against a kid. This incorporates documenting a criminal protest and ensuring the youngster goes through a specialist test, similar to the Gesell camera test, to see whether the kid has been harmed genuinely or inwardly.

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