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Latest News Luz Gonzalez Video

After four years of death, the Luz Gonzalez Video is spreading like wildfire on various social media sites.

Have you found out about Luz Gonzalez? Do you have any idea what befell Luz Gonzalez in 2018? In 2018, a horrendous mishap happened to four-year-old young lady Luz Gonzalez in the US. Many individuals could have heard or found out about this episode.

After very nearly four years, as of late, the mishap video of Luz Gonzalez circulated around the web via virtual entertainment stages with the title Luz Gonzalez Video. Individuals frantically looked so that the video might be able to see what precisely occurred.

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What is in the mishap video of Luz Gonzalez?

Luz Gonzalez was a four-year-old young lady who lost her life in view of a horrendous auto crash on 24th June 2018. The video of Luz Gonzalez that circulated around the web on different virtual entertainment stages like Twitter and Reddit spread like quickly.

In that viral video, you can see that a driver named Jeannette Maria hit Luz Gonzalez and her mom in the parking area of Brooklyn Laundromat. Jeannette Maria drove her vehicle on little Luz Gonzalez while sponsorship her vehicle. Luz Gonzalez and her mom were seriously harmed. Sadly, Luz Gonzalez lost her life. This entire mishap video turned into a web sensation On Reddit and Twitter.

How did the mishap occur?

As per Luz Gonzalez’s mom, the 38 year-old Reyna Candia, she was tying the shoestrings of Luz in the parking area of Brooklyn Laundromat. Abruptly a SUV came up and struck them. On the Luz Gonzalez Reconnaissance Video, you can see the whole occurrence yourself.

Did Luz Gonzalez pass on the spot?

No, Luz Gonzalez didn’t kick the bucket on the spot. There were not many observers who watched the entire occurrence. At the point when individuals arrived at the mishap spot, both mother and little girl were harmed gravely. After the Luz Gonzalez Mishap, Luz Gonzalez’s condition was poor, and blood was not halting. Luz and Reyna were confessed to the Wyckoff Levels Clinical Center, and later, Luz Gonzalez took her final gasp at the emergency clinic.

For what reason did individuals look for the Jeanette Maria Luz Gonzalez video?

As the mishap news is four years of age, individuals nearly disregarded it. Yet, when the mishap film became a web sensation on different virtual entertainment stages, individuals began to show interest. The individuals who knew nothing about this mishap were staggered subsequent to hearing the entire story.

Numerous Tiktok clients made recordings to honor Luz Gonzalez. You can likewise check our “Web-based Entertainment Connections” segment to see what standard individuals are talking about the heartbreaking passing of Luz Gonzalez.

Where might we at any point track down the video?

You can discover a few short clasps and screen captures of the video on Youtube. Individuals likewise shared brief video cuts and screen captures on Twitter and Reddit.

Virtual Entertainment Connections:


After the video turns into a web sensation on Twitter, Reddit, Message, and YouTube, individuals need equity for Luz Gonzalez. As per Jeanette Maria, she didn’t understand that Luz Gonzalez was behind her vehicle.

Jeannette’s companion let the media know that Jeanette is broken by the way that she is the explanation for Luz Gonzalez’s demise. Click here to watch the report about Luz Gonzalez’s passing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  When did the mishap occur?

Ans. On Sunday, 24th June 2018.

Q2.  Did Jeanette Maria kill Luxmz deliberately?

Ans. No.

Q3.  Is Jeannette Maria in prison?

Ans. No.

Q4.  Which vehicle hit Luz Gonzalez?

Ans. 2018 Nissan Rebel.

 Q5.  Is the video turning into a web sensation on Instagram?

Ans. No.

Q6.  How old is Jeanette Maria?

Ans. 38 years of age.

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