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Ladrones Sacapulas 16 De Septiembre Video” a highlighted occasion that occurred on September 16 in Sacapulas, Quiché, Guatemala. Our site will furnish you with definite data about the episode, from the stunning assault on a dress store representative to the response of the local area and the Public Common Police.

What has been going on with Ladrones Sacapulas September 16?

What happened to “Ladrones Sacapulas 16 De Septiembre Video“? On September 16 in Sacapulas, Quiché, Guatemala, a stunning occasion occurred. Two people distinguished as Víctor Manuel López Cifuentes, 25 years of age, and José Alberto Gutiérrez Copen, 23 years of age, from Guatemala City, were gone after by nearby occupants and in this way consumed alive.

This episode is connected with allegations that a worker of a dress store in the Sacapulas retail plaza, a lady named María Lux Castro, 47, had been killed. After the assault, María Lux Castro was taken to the St Nick Cruz del Quiché Public Medical clinic, where she tragically passed on.

Hoodlums Sacapulas September 16 Video

A stunning video caught a remarkable occasion that happened on Ladrones Sacapulas 16 De Septiembre Video. In the video, the local area is shown grabbing two people accepted to be the executioners, distinguished as Victor Manuel López Cifuentes, 25, and José Alberto Gutiérrez Copen, 23, from the hands of specialists following a day distressing.

After a drawn out episode of brutality, inhabitants figured out how to convince one of the supposed executioners to admit that they had been sent from the cash-flow to commit this grievous demonstration. The video keeps keep the second in which they pour gas on the first of the two men and consume him alive in the town of Pacuch, around 6:30 in the early evening. Surprisingly, simply an hour after the fact, the subsequent house burst into flames, causing a frightful situation.

The Destructive Assault at the Retail outlet

In the unfortunate episode that occurred on September 16 in Sacapulas, María Lux Castro turned into the survivor of a startling assault in the city’s retail plaza. This stunning demonstration of savagery happened unexpectedly while María was completing her everyday obligations in her attire store. Around then, she was fiercely gone after with guns, experiencing various serious wounds that put her life in harm’s way.

Data about María Lux Castro and her exchange to the Clinic

María Lux Castro, a 47-year-old finance manager and proprietor of the dress store situated in the retail outlet, turned into the focal point of consideration after this grievous occasion. After the assault, María was hurried to the St Nick Cruz del Quiché Public Clinic, where specialists contended energetically to save her life. Trust was available in the hearts of many, wanting for her quick recuperation, however tragically, the wounds were excessively intense and María Lux Castro lost the fight for her life.

The Passing of María Lux Castro

At last, after a significant stretch of battling the deadly wounds caused in the assault, María Lux Castro died. Her passing left profound shock and misery in the neighborhood local area, as well as the whole country. The deficiency of this energetic finance manager, known and regarded in the city, had a staggering effect. The destiny of María Lux Castro is a bleak sign of the viciousness that influences networks and the requirement for equity in cases like this. Her disastrous demise set off a progression of occasions that noticeable an achievement throughout the entire existence of Sacapulas.

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