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Here, we will investigate the frightening story of “La Casa De Claudia Mijangos Gore.”

Data about Claudia Mijangos

Claudia Mijangos, otherwise called “La Casa De Claudia Mijangos Gore,” is a Mexican lady whose life is set apart by secret and wrongdoing. She was brought into the world on May 25, 1956 in Sinaloa, Mexico, and experienced childhood in a working class family. In her childhood, Claudia was regarded as the sovereign of her old neighborhood, Mazatlán.

In the wake of wedding Alfredo Castaños Gutiérrez and having three kids, the family moved to Querétaro City, Querétaro, after the passing of Claudia’s folks. Here, Claudia filled in as a strict training educator at the Conflict Luis de León School.

Claudia Mijangos’ home butchery

On April 23, 1989, the contention between Claudia Mijangos and her ex, Alfredo Castaños Gutiérrez, in “La Casa De Claudia Mijangos Gore” turned into an examination that isolated the family to frightening levels. Alfredo took his three youngsters to “La Casa De Claudia Mijangos Butchery” after a school fair. Here, they started to contend heatedly about their marriage and Claudia’s relationship with an educator at her youngsters’ school.

Claudia’s psychological state toward the beginning of the day: Around 4 a.m. on April 24, 1989, Claudia Mijangos awakened to clearly voices and started to encounter a temperamental mental state in “La Casa De Claudia Mijangos Blood.” She expressed that voices told her that Mazatlán (her old neighborhood) had vanished and that “Querétaro was all a spirit.” In a condition of franticness, Claudia reached her companion Veronica Vazquez to request help.

Results and examination

After the terrible assault in “La Casa De Claudia Mijangos Gore“, the results were a boundless misfortune. Claudia Mijangos’ three kids were genuinely harmed and required to have been raced to the clinic. This assault left unsalvageable torment and unfathomable misfortune in the family. The police and inhabitants needed to confront horrendous scenes and mental eventual outcomes after this episode.

Examination of the case: Subsequent to getting the report about the assault in “La Casa De Claudia Mijangos Gore”, the police specialists and insightful organizations started a careful examination to explain current realities. Material proof and witness declarations were gathered, subtleties and conditions in the ridiculous house were checked.

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