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On October 25, informal organizations in Chile were stunned by the viral spread of a chilling video distributed on Juakina Gusman Telegram Original.

Juakina Gusman Twitter Video

On October 25, 2023, a lamentable wrongdoing happened that stunned Chile and turned into a web sensation because of a video distributed on Twitter. The casualty was a lady named Juakina Gusman Telegram Original, just 32 years of age, who was ruthlessly gone after in the Padre Hurtado cooperative.

Pictures of the assault, caught by an observation camera, were shared on interpersonal organizations causing shock. The video shows how a man breaks into Juakina’s home and viciously beats her, leaving her genuinely harmed.

This awful episode, known as the “Juakina Gusman Telegram Original,” immediately turned into a symbolic argument about brutality against ladies in Chile. Beneath we will examine this case exhaustively, the response it incited and the discussion it started about the security of ladies’ privileges in the country.

Subtleties of the stunning “juakina twitter video”

The video of the assault against Juakina Gusmán endures a couple of moments, however the horrendous pictures show the fierceness of the wrongdoing. In the stunning scenes, a man with his face covered fiercely breaks into the casualty’s home.

Then you perceive how the man pursues Juakina through the front room of her home, finds her and starts to kick and hit her hard on her body and head, while she lies vulnerable on the floor. The scenes are genuinely upsetting because of their unequivocal substance of outrageous viciousness.

The video closes as the man leaves the scene, leaving Juakina truly harmed in a pool of blood. The pictures caused ghastliness and irateness among the individuals who saw them spread on Twitter and other informal organizations.

Personality of Juakina Gusmán, the “narco sovereign”

Juakina Gusman Telegram Original, nicknamed the “narco sovereign,” was a 32-year-elderly person dwelling in the Padre Hurtado collective. As per her, she had become well known on informal organizations by flaunting her rich way of life and her overabundances.

Gusmán frequently posted photographs with costly adornments, planner dress, and top of the line vehicles. She bragged the buying power she acquired, evidently, on account of medication dealing with her area. This acquired her the title of “narco sovereign” among her computerized supporters.

Notwithstanding, her pompous life via web-based entertainment stood out forcefully from the viciousness she endured during the assault that took her life. This wrongdoing released calls for equity all through Chile.

Viral spread of the “Juakina Twitter video”

After the video of the assault spread on Twitter, it immediately turned into a web sensation, producing great many responses of judgment and irateness. The hashtag #JusticeForJuakina turned into a pattern, as well as the interest that this wrongdoing not be tolerated.

The stunning video was shared by clients requesting that the police act rapidly to track down the offender. Indeed, even Chilean superstars shared the video requesting equity. As the video spread, so did calls for brutality against ladies in Chile to not proceed.

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