4 Reasons Installing a Level 2 Charger Is Worth It

Top 4 Reasons Installing a Level 2 Charger Is Worth It

Level 2 chargers utilize a 240-volt power source, making it reliable for charging electric and hybrid vehicles. Installing the charger may involve upgrading the electrical panel in a residential home to accommodate your vehicle’s charging needs. Here are four reasons why installing a Level 2 charger is worth it:

1. Better Charging Speed

Level 2 chargers provide better charging than standard Level 1 chargers that come with most electric vehicles. Reliable charging speeds mean you spend less time waiting for your electric vehicle to charge. Electric vehicles have onboard chargers that convert the incoming AC power from the charging station into DC power for the battery. Level 2 charging stations can accommodate higher power levels, allowing them to work efficiently with the onboard charging equipment in EVs. The charging speed allows EV owners to replenish a significant portion of their battery capacity while the vehicle is parked overnight.

2. Enhanced Safety Features

240-volt chargers operate at higher voltages and currents than Level 1 chargers, so they need robust safety features to protect users and prevent electrical hazards. Incorporating safety features helps comply with relevant safety standards and regulations in the electrical and automotive industries. A built-in residual current circuit breaker shields against ground faults or leakages. 

The active leak current detection feature looks for abnormal or unintended paths that may lead to a potential leakage or fault. Another safety element is the signaling mechanism, which communicates the status or issues detected by the safety systems to the user or system operator. This can include LED lights, audible alarms, or notifications sent to a monitoring system.

3. Reliable Smart Charging Features

Many Level 2 EV chargers can set up and customize charging schedules. Users can program the charger to start and stop charging at specific times of the day or night. This feature is useful for maximizing off-peak electricity rates, which are lower during reduced-demand periods.

Some smart chargers provide remote monitoring and control capabilities through mobile apps or online platforms. This allows users to check the status of their charging sessions, receive notifications, and adjust charging schedules from anywhere with an internet connection.

4. Easy Compatibility

The SAE J1772 connector is a standardized charging connector for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. This connector has a unique shape, allowing for a secure connection between the electric vehicle and the charging station. Level 2 charging stations have SAE J1772 for residential and public charging solutions.

The SAE J1772 standard also specifies the communication protocol between the electric vehicle and the charging station. This protocol enables the vehicle and the charger to exchange information, such as the charging status and power level.

Install Level 2 Chargers for Your Home or Business

240-volt chargers are worth installing due to enhanced safety features, reliable charging speed, compatibility, and smart charging capabilities. Professional installers specialize in the installation of EV charging equipment. With their expertise, installers can tailor the installation to the specific vehicle charging requirements, optimizing performance and reliability. Invest in Level 2 chargers that meet your electric and hybrid vehicle charging needs today.

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