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While rising pop star “Images อ๊ะ อาย 4eve VK” found controlled pictures of herself coursing via virtual entertainment before the end of last year, it ignited a firestorm that uncovered the shabby hidden world of picture double-dealing.

Who is อ๊ะ อาย 4eve?

The lady at the focal point of this discussion is กรณิศ เล้าสุบินประเสริฐ, realized by her stage name “Images อ๊ะ อาย 4eve VK“. Brought into the world in 1992 in Thailand’s Nakhon Pathom region, Kanit longed for being an entertainer since early on. She made her singing presentation in 2010 as a component of the five-part young lady bunch Embrace, earning respect for her remarkable and deep vocal tone.

However the gathering disbanded in 2014, Kanit kept on seeking after music, this time as an independent craftsman under the stage name “Images อ๊ะ อาย 4eve VK“. Her 2017 single “เธอคือคําตอบ” denoted her forward leap, exhibiting her imaginative reach from mid-rhythm songs to playful pop. With her 2018 collection “4EVE”, Kanit solidified her status as one of Thailand’s rising stars. Praised for her engaging songwriting and messages of female strengthening, she has earned grants and constructed a devoted fanbase.

What happened to pictures of “อ๊ะ อาย 4eve”?

In late December 2023, Kanit was alarmed that altered pictures of her had been posted without assent on the web-based entertainment application VK. The pictures, controlled to be physically express in nature, were transferred by a VK client “รบกวนตัดออกให้ที” which had north of 120,000 supporters. This horrifying infringement of security provoked Kanit to record a protest with the police’s cybercrime division.

Further examination revealed that pictures of more than 40 other Thai VIPs, including entertainers, artists, and models, had confronted comparative double-dealing. The techniques utilized involved altering and doctoring unique photographs to make phony, realistic symbolism which was then spread on VK without consent.

For what reason did “อ๊ะ อาย 4eve VK” become moving?

The nonconsensual altering and dispersion of pictures including “Images อ๊ะ อาย 4eve VK” hit home for general society in light of multiple factors. First and foremost, Kanit’s big name status as a vocalist with a solid fanbase intensified the story’s shock esteem. As a conspicuous figure and good example pushing for female strengthening, the endeavor to physically take advantage of Kanit drew extreme backfire.

Furthermore, the report that north of 40 superstars had succumbed flagged this was not a disconnected occurrence however a disturbing pattern. The probability that clients by and by followed a few impacted famous people made the news more significant. The scale additionally recommended foundational disappointments in safeguarding people of note’s security.

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