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We have provided specific aspects of Huh What Directions Puzzle Doors to help Roblox players get solutions to certain challenges in their gameplay.

Is Puzzle Entrances the most fascinating game for you on Roblox’s establishment? Might you at any point clear a couple of stages in this new Roblox game? Among the most-played electronic gaming stage and game creation destinations used by players across the Philippines, the US, the Brought together Domain, Canada, and various nations, Roblox has one genuinely interesting game added to its library.

However, it requires explicit codes and numbers that players ought to enter to move to the accompanying stage. Regardless of the way that it is inciting for Roblox clients to know all of the codes and numbers, our total overview in this guide will help you with knowing all of the Huh What Directions Puzzle Doors codes and nuances.

What are Puzzle Doorways Headings?

Puzzle Entrances, a Roblox game, has heading to permit players to enter constant stages directly following getting the right response. Entering the Question Entrances could require more work for specific clients.

In this way, its responses are required to find, which may be tracked down in the room, or you can search for explicit numbers at better places. Regardless, a couple are open in various stages, or some may be outside your continuous collaboration.

Huh What Heading Puzzle Doorways:

You can find room fifteen code in the chief room gave in the Enigma Entrances Heading. Moreover, the “: stage [floor]” request can be used when players wish to return to a specific floor. This request can be put in the visit window.

Manages serious outcomes with respect to stage and levels of Roblox Puzzle Doorways:

  • Level one-9834
  • Level two-51011
  • Level three-5624
  • Level four-7446
  • Level-five-3246
  • Level six-5643
  • Levels seven – 10
  • Level eight – 3897
  • Level nine – 6502
  • Level ten – 31545
  • Level eleven-4465
  • Level twelve-1492
  • Level thirteen-5121
  • Level fourteen – 3905
  • Level fifteen-6538
  • Level sixteen-243
  • Level seventeen-661
  • Level eighteen-8675309
  • Level nineteen-21189
  • Level twenty-3030

Moreover, there are numbers for levels 21 to 86 in Huh What Headings Puzzle Entrances that clients could check and use as necessary.

Electronic diversion joins:


Puzzle Entrances game is the uttermost down the line extension to Roblox’s down library. Certain numbers or codes can uphold your stages to help you with showing up at a more significant level. You ought to use the number as indicated by the level to show up at the accompanying stage.

Did you use any code to show up at new periods of Puzzle Entrances of Roblox games? Share the stages you clear in the intelligence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Puzzle Entrances?

Puzzle Doorways is a web game.

Q2. Where to play the Puzzle Doorways game?

Roblox’s establishment

Q3. How to clear Puzzle Entrances stages?

Using numbers or codes can help you with getting the stages liberated from the Conundrum Entrances game.

Q4. Which numbers are significant for levels 81 to 85 in Huh What Course Puzzle Doorways?

Level 81-1041; level 82-90, level 83-636, level 84-183; level 85-131072

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