Houston woman punched in the face with Brick: on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram

Latest News Houston woman punched in the face with Brick

A Houston woman punched in the face with Brick with a block after a man mentioned her for her number and the person referenced no.

Subtleties of the occurrence are confined as the video was transferred by the lady herself who’s making the costs. In the video, the lady has a grapefruit-sized tie, which she says was owing to being hit with a block.

Houston lady hit in the face with a block

She referenced a man approached her, mentioned for her number, she referenced “no”, then, at that point, got a block. The lady referenced dark guys remained there and did nothing when she was hit by a unidentified man.

It’s sad to see dark guys sit around though an individual of color is attacked by a man who can’t manage the dismissal. New video has surfaced of the lady above seen insulting a white man. The Houston woman punched in the face with Brick totally various pieces of clothing in the video than she was brandishing the night she was hit with a block.

The viral video, which was posted on Instagram on Sunday, supposedly shows a lady named Rho Bashe in Texas recording her experience of purportedly being hit by a block collectively of men watched on. She tells the camera: “You all, this man just hit me in front of me with a block and this multitude of People of color recently watched. This man…grabbed a stone and hit me in front of me since I wouldn’t give him my number.”

The lady kept on shouting at the group, adding: “I maintain that you should take care of business and follow through with something. You going to allow a man to hit me in front of me?”. She continued to communicate her mistrust at the man’s supposed activities as the gathering watched him leave and get in the vehicle in the wake of having tossed at her face.

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