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Flyfish Online Review

Financial management has almost become a must for most businesses, regardless of their size. Unfortunately, however, many business owners still do not pay too much value to this aspect of this enterprise and it ends up holding them back. If you really want your company to thrive, then it is important to ensure you choose a business debit card provider like Flyfish. Doing so will give you an upper hand when it comes to managing your enterprise’s financial operations. In this Flyfish review, I will discuss what this company offers businesses in terms of financial management and if its features would be viable for every enterprise out there. 

Sign up for an corporate IBAN Account with Ease

Flyfish is a company that knows fully well about the importance of providing user friendly financial management solutions. Over the years, there have been many companies that have provided advanced payment solutions but accessing them was often quite challenging. With this business debit card provider, however, things are different. All you need to do in order to get a corporate IBAN account is fill an online form. The form does not require you to add loads of details, a problem that you may find with plenty of other platforms. 

Here, things are pretty straightforward and you won’t need to worry about providing extensive details. Just your name, country, details about your business information will be enough. After providing the required information, you simply need to wait for the representatives of Flyfish to approve your information, a process that does not take too much time. In most cases, users are able to get access to their online IBAN account within a few business days. 

Your Details will Stay Protected

Protecting your information is vital in today’s increasingly digital world. There are plenty of opportunists lying in wait for people to slip up so that they can get hold of their information. However, when you choose Flyfish as your go to business debit card provider, you can expect nothing but the best in terms of online security. This company implements various robust security procedures to make sure that your information is impossible to get into the wrong hands. Plus, this business debit card provider always looks to further improve its security protocols, making sure that you can pay attention to important matters regarding your business instead of security. 

What’s most impressive about this company is that no matter which offering you end up choosing, you will get the same level of security. This essentially means that a person who opted for the debit card for corporate expenses will get the same level of security as someone who chooses a dedicated business IBAN account. 

Making Transactions Easy

The ability to receive payments from clients located in different countries can be a game changer for most businesses. As a business owner, you want to be able to expand your reach and getting the freedom to conduct transactions on a global scale can do precisely that. All you need to do is choose your preferred online IBAN account and once your account is approved, you can make and send payments wherever you want. I performed a comprehensive test to see if this service is as good as I thought it was and my expectations were not only met, but they were exceeded. 

Your business debit card gives you complete freedom to conduct virtual transactions, whether locally or internationally. What’s more these cards are protected by a high level of encryption, ensuring you do not have to worry about things like security, identity theft and what not. 

Expense Management Feature

Flyfish gives its users a platform that they can use to see where their business’s funds are going. Over the past few decades, loads of businesses have struggled when it comes to managing the expenses of their operations. Since most enterprises handle these affairs manually, there are increased chances of errors. Plus, you also have to follow strict schedules, which may prevent you from fully focusing on how to grow your enterprise. With Flyfish, such issues become a thing of the past as its platform lets you place your fingers on the pulse of your company’s expense management. 

What I liked most about the platform here is that it is pretty simple to understand, even for beginners. Every feature is placed in a clutter free and easy to find way, making sure that you can get started as soon as you sign up. 

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, I highly recommend this dedicated business IBAN account provider to anyone who wants to run their business the right way. Flyfish knows that business requirements are ever evolving and ensures that you get access to features that set you up for success. 

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