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Felicity Nguyen LinkedIn profile discussed in this article exhibits a dental hygiene student’s talents, skills, and experience.

Might it be said that you are looking for an office associate? Numerous understudies and novices from the US and different spots start their vocations while being a right hand to secure insight and gain information.

A dental cleanliness understudy got the notice of everybody through her experience and abilities. Her abilities and personality were as of late searched for via web crawlers utilizing her virtual entertainment profile. Thus, investigate the specifics of Felicity Nguyen LinkedIn through this aide.

Disclaimer: we completely research characters and people prior to giving the subtleties to the overall people without lauding or denouncing them.

What does Felicity’s LinkedIn profile include?

Felicity Nguyen LinkedIn a dental cleanliness understudy, is an American resident. She has around 77 associations on LinkedIn with roughly 78 adherents. She serves parttime as an office aide at the Texas Rio Grande Valley College.

Her obligation is to direct or answer calls, keep up with or sort out tidiness in the workplace, and disperse structures or reports.

Additionally, Felicity handles the web-based entertainment profiles of its office and coordinates and helps understudies with their instructive prerequisites.

Felicity Nguyen LinkedIn:

  • Genuine name-Felicity Bao-Nhi Nguyen
  • Area Texas, Edinburg
  • Association 77
  • Supporters 78
  • Joining year of LinkedIn-2022
  • Update of contact data Over one year
  • Update of profile photograph under a half year

Schooling subtleties of Felicity Nguyen:

  • August 2018 to December 2021-General, Natural Sciences, and Science from Texas Rio Grande Valley College
  • June 2022 to June 2024-Hygienst and Dental Cleanliness from Houston’s College of Texas Wellbeing Science Center

Confirmations and licenses subtleties of Felicity Nguyen LinkedIn:

  • Course name-Essential Life Backing for Medical services Suppliers (BLS)
  • Affiliation name-American Heart Affiliation
  • Issue date-April 2022
  • Course date-August 4, 2022
  • Restoration date-April 2024
  • Teacher Marisol Escamilla, RN
  • Preparing Center-Vitali Accomplices, LLC
  • Ecard code-225414204913
  • Teacher ID-01140227188
  • Preparing focus ID-TN20925
  • Contact subtleties of preparing focus 800 911 6511
  • Preparing Center City, State-Knoxville, TN

Which abilities are accessible on Felicity Nguyen LinkedIn?

The accompanying abilities of Felicity Nguyen are open on her LinkedIn profile:

  • Cardiopulmonary Revival (CPR)
  • Correspondence
  • Educating
  • Collaboration
  • Office Organization

Did Felicity Nguyen chip in for any association?

Felicity Nguyen intentionally served at the accompanying instructive association for kids from 2018 to 2019:

  • Guardian Felicity was a parental figure First thing in the morning Childcare for youngsters for quite a long time, from May 2018 to November 2018. Her administration included giving kid care, intelligent investigations cooperation, and making drawing in exercises for youngsters.
  • Understudy Showing Collaborator Felicity filled in as an Understudy Showing Partner at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church for youngsters for one year and eight months from January 2018 to August 2019. Her administrations incorporate planning understudies for affirmation, participating in discussion related with the catholic confidence for understudies, and helping and taking part in week after week exercises.

Interests portrayed in Felicity Nguyen LinkedIn:

  • The College of Texas Rio Grande Valley
  • Houston’s College of Texas Wellbeing Science Center (UTHealth) School of Dentistry

Moreover, her profile on the LinkedIn network displays that she finished the abilities and mental assessments sticking to the CPR and AED or American Heart Affiliation Essential Life Backing System’s educational plan.

Web-based entertainment joins:


Felicity Nguyen, a dental cleanliness understudy, is an office right hand. Individuals looking for motivation and inspiration have as of late searched for her profile to see her abilities and experience.

Do you have any abilities like Felicity Nguyen? Share how her profile rouses you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Felicity Nguyen?

 AN office collaborator

Q2. Which program did Felicity Nguyen finish?

CPR and AED program

Q3. Which affiliation is Felicity Nguyen ensured from?

American Heart Affiliation

Q4. What number of abilities does Felicity Nguyen have?

Five abilities, including Office Organization, Cardiopulmonary Revival (CPR), Cooperation, Correspondence, and Instructing

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