Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Telegram: What Video is Circulating on Twitter? Find Trending Esenyurt Tekel Bayi BaskıNı Izle Facts Now!

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This writing is about Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Telegram to explain the tragic attack on a monopoly dealer because of an armed attack.

Was there a fight in Esenyurt? Why was there an outfitted attack on the partnership dealer? Was there mortality in the Esenyurt attack? A few equipped individuals actually pursued an energetic Controlling framework merchant, and all enveloped him while hitting him brutally.

Right when the attack on a youthful individual surfaced on the web, people from Türkiye and other overall spots were disturbed to view such strength. Along these lines, sort out reality here to all the more probable see Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Telegram.

Disclaimer: The nuances of the occasion are acquired from online reports and don’t ridicule individuals or social affairs.

What happened in Esenyurt Tekel?

The new outfitted attack video surfaced on a couple of frameworks organization regions and shocked people when the Tekel vender was gone after. The attack saw by online clients of Wire and various channels made agony and shock.

The CCTV film shows that the four furnished men entered a shop and brutally pursued the Tekel seller while he was arranged at a counter. Esenyurt Tekel Bayi Video shows that four aggressors were furnished and surrounded the young merchant during the attack.

Were there fatalities in the Esenyurt Tekel attack?

An individual was truly hurt, and two others were killed during the Esenyurt attack. Besides, the policing later kept the Tekel vender aggressors. The attack should be an immediate consequence of the commitment total between the families. Exactly when a family couldn’t clear the commitments, the family who gave the total moved closer honestly.

Esenyurt Tekel BaskıNı Twitter:

As per posts on Twitter, a case was kept directly following pushing toward the court to take a genuine action against the family who failed to repay the total. Tweets on Twitter similarly notice that the family members of Erzen moreover began an arrangement on WhatsApp.

At the point when their adversary was spread across relational association objections, including Reddit and Twitter, four outfitted individuals showed up at the store of the impressive plan of action dealer and pursued him.

Who kicked the container during Esenyurt Tekel Bayi BaskıNı Izle?

Batuhan Bayindir and Yunus Erzen kicked the container during the Esenyurt Tekel attack, while the others were hurt. The fight and equipped attack were gotten on a CCTV camera. The recording obviously showed the arms and faces of the equipped attackers.

Nevertheless, the ceaseless assessment will show more real factors concerning the Esenyurt attack. Murat Ozer, the key suspect, was caught by the specialists.

Online diversion joins:


Esenyurt fight video surfaced on Twitter hugely, close by various other casual networks. The attack was an immediate consequence of the commitments not cleared by a family. The casual local area plan of the family stunned the banks, who later pursued the other family’s small kid. In any case, attackers are kept after they kill two individuals and mischief one person.

Did you notice the recording when the shooters pursued the Limiting framework vender? Share how to thwart such attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What was the deal with Esenyurt Tekel late video?

Esenyurt Tekel’s new video was about an outfitted attack.

Q2. What was the legitimization behind Esenyurt’s attack?

The discussion between the two families

Q3. Were the aggressors of Esenyurt’s fight equipped?

To be sure

Q4. Who was the fundamental blameworthy party of the Esenyurt fight?

Murat Ozer

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