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These advancements mirror the control of the Ender Saraç video occasion and the impact it makes in the public eye. 

Stories and Results and Lawful Solicitations:

Haber.com, as one of the main news foundation of Turkey, was the wellspring of claims blaming Ender Saraç video. Misuse admonitions kept by school authorities, these significant data has arisen.

The important gatherings chose not to give point by point data about the occasions. Because of the continuation of the lawful interaction, clarifications can’t be made and the subtleties will be shared after the court choice.

Ender Saraç Video: Ender Saraç’s response and sentiments

Ender Saraç video and his legal counselor offered an authority expression via online entertainment against charges blaming his kid for misuse. Saraç expressing their responses, communicated the profound distress of answering this difficult circumstance. He likewise denied the allegations emphatically and expressed gratitude toward the individuals who upheld him. Saraç said that they zeroed in on making sense of the genuine substance of the occurrence.

End of marriage

The connection between Ender Saraç and his better half Benan Saraç is in an unsteady stage and this marriage is on paper. The different sides have lived independently for over three years, and has chosen to end marriage authoritatively. This cycle has brought an inner trouble for the two sides.

Remaining against charges and security of honor

Ender Saraç video took areas of strength for an against the charges blaming his youngster for misuse. It was accentuated that the proof in light of the allegations was controlled and utilized for danger purposes and stressed that these cases were unwarranted. Saraç wanted to say something against this present circumstance to safeguard his standing.

Realities and proof

Saraç’s attorneys expressed that the proof in the video blamed for taking advantage of his youngster was painstakingly analyzed and cared very little about the genuine circumstance. Specifically, it is underlined that a few components found in the video are attempted to be related with the previous occasions, however it has no association with the real world.

Security OF CHILDREN’S Freedoms

Youngsters ought not be remembered for the separation interaction of their folks. Society ought to focus on the safeguarding of youngsters in this difficult cycle and not sincerely impacted. In this manner, the government assistance of youngsters ought to be focused on rather than individual interests.

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