Here is Why You Need to Buy an Electric Vehicle in 2024

Here is Why You Need to Buy an Electric Vehicle in 2024

It is 2024 and if you are still not thinking about the planet and switching to sustainable alternatives then it is time to start now. We are running out of time and every decision we make now will impact our future. 

So, let’s start playing our part by ditching the gas-guzzling cars that we have – and switching to electric vehicles (EVs). Consider an investment. Of course, it might seem like the biggest financial shock to you, however, the benefits in the long term are something that will make this decision seem like the wisest one.

Now why do we think that 2024 is finally the year that you must purchase an EV? Allow us to explain it all in detail for you – and hopefully change your mind in favor of taking this step. 

The Savings on Gas Bills

The cost of the gas isn’t coming down any time soon. With the current economic condition all around the world, it is only about time that we realize how we need to ditch the gas tanks and switch to electric energy for our cars as well. 

Did you know that gas prices can go up by $3.61 in 2024? You can do the math on how much your gas is expected to cost you now. On the other hand, EVs keep these charges at the lowest. They are fuel-efficient, hence making them a great choice for keeping up with the inflating costs. 

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that you would also need internet connectivity for your EV. It is an electric car, why wouldn’t you want to put it to maximum use and keep it connected? The best part is you do not even have to splurge a lot to connect your car. Your perfect call can be Xfinity Internet Español (for Spanish customers) – it is one of the best and most affordable options. Xfinity offers nationwide hotspots, which means no matter where you go across the country, you and your car will always have internet connectivity. 

It is savings-town all the way now.

Tax Credit Is Making the Purchase Easier

The government is appreciating the purchase of more environment-friendly cars now. How are they incentivizing this move?

It is via tax credits. The government is allowing to claim up to $7,5000 in tax credits for electric vehicle purchases. This also means you’d have to wait till the middle of the year to file your taxes for 2023. Just reach out to your accountant for further details. 

A Great Slate of Options

With time more companies have invested in creating electric cars. This means you have more options to choose from than ever before. Hybrid or electric cars are surely all the rage right now which has resulted in this increase in the range of models, and most importantly the budget brackets. 

So, it is certain that you will be able to find something most suited to your pocket now!

Lower Maintenance Costs

When it comes to an electric car, these models are far less complicated than traditional cars. There are no spark plugs, engine oil, or basically anything that can break. Ultimately, your maintenance costs will go down by half. 

Energy Efficient Systems

We all are guilty of sitting in the car idly. Not driving, just maybe having a meal (or even breakdowns). We keep our car engine on resulting in gas consumption. This is where the electric car comes in strong and as a savior. 

When the car is in idle mode, it automatically turns off. No, your air conditioning or radio doesn’t go off. It is all powered by the battery. Instead, your car stops sucking on the energy while keeping the engine idle. 

Learn How to Drive

Of course, you know how to drive already, but this is where it gets fun. 

Several electric cars come with a ‘driving tutor’ system. It is a basic level, nonetheless, it is sufficient enough to teach you the best way to drive that would be more economical for you. For instance, it teaches gradual breaking instead of high revs and so much more. 

Final Verdict

In the end, it is your call whether you want to purchase an EV, as for many people it seems like a ‘slow’ car. However, with more advancements, it is not true anymore. 

It comes down to your budget most importantly. Nevertheless, with the tax incentives this year, probably 2024 is the best time for you to make the EV purchase without any delays. The options are greater now, with even good reselling value in the coming year. 

Keeping in mind the need to play your role for the environment, electric vehicles are worth the shot. 

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