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At the point when you ponder the most well known burglaries ever, motion pictures like Cash Heist or Sea’s El robo del siglo historia real chile 2014.

The burglary of the century genuine story chile 2014

On August 12, 2014, El robo del siglo historia real chile 2014, known as “the theft of the 100 years,” happened at the Arturo Merino Benítez Global Air terminal in Santiago. A gathering of crooks acting like specialists broke into the vault of the protections transportation organization Verges and took around 6 billion Chilean pesos, identical to 8.7 million bucks. Through terrorizing with guns, they immobilized the work force and got away with the plunder in a vehicle.

This burglary stood out forever not just for the daringness with which it was arranged and executed, yet in addition for the record worth of the taken plunder, turning into the biggest theft at any point kept in Chile up to that time. The group of hoodlums was comprised of 9 individuals who fastidiously arranged each step of the overthrow, from penetrating in laborer garbs to the departure course to sidestep the specialists. The case stunned the nation and uncovered the weaknesses in the security of key foundations.

Making arrangements for The Burglary of the Hundred years

As per the police examination, the Los Carniceros group of hoodlums that executed The Burglary of the Century was comprised of 9 individuals who arranged everything about ahead of time. The upset was potential because of the way that one of them worked at the air terminal and had special data about cash developments. On August 12 at 06:00 AM, the point at which the money move was occurring, the hoodlums entered the premises wearing laborers’ regalia, conveying attack rifles.

They immediately overwhelmed Verges’ staff through terrorizing with weapons, and continued to stack the packs with cash that would be moved toward the northern piece of the country, for a complete worth of $8.7 million. To guarantee their break, they conveyed a progression of measures, for example, miguelitos and nails on the track to penetrate the tires of the police vehicles. They likewise had an arranged course to leave the air terminal and change vehicles so as not to be identified with the plunder. The execution of the burglary took under 10 minutes.

Examination and distinguishing proof of those answerable for The burglary of the hundred years

After the effect brought about by The Burglary of the Hundred years, the Chilean Insightful Police (PDI) started a comprehensive examination to recognize and catch those mindful. On account of pictures from surveillance cameras and proclamations from witnesses who saw the aggressors escape, agents figured out how to recognize the principal individuals from the group of thugs, who were captured in January 2015 in various tasks. These were 8 individuals who straightforwardly took part in the assault on the air terminal.

The PDI had the option to lay out that the preparation and execution of the burglary was completed by a pack called Los Carniceros, comprised of a sum of 9 individuals. Every one of the prisoners had broad lawbreaker records and a past filled with savage violations. Among them was an explosives master who teamed up with the arrangements, as well as one more part who worked at the air terminal and gave special data about the development of cash. El robo del siglo historia real chile 2014, a hazardous lawbreaker thought about a criminal from equity for quite a long time.

Kevin Olguín “Child Bandito” in The Burglary of the Hundred years

Among the heroes of The Burglary of the Hundred years, Kevin Olguín, nicknamed “Child Bandito,” stands apart particularly, who figured out how to get away from the country with a few million bucks of plunder and carry on with a garish existence of extravagance for quite some time prior to being caught. This youthful 25-year-old road skater exploited his part in the burglary to go with his sweetheart Génesis to locations like Italy, France and Spain, where they remained in extravagant lodgings and eateries.

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